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Cute Ideas To Include Your Pooch In Your Wedding
Cute Ideas To Include Your Pooch In Your Wedding
02 nd Apr 2018

Everyone who’s ever had a pet knows that it’s a special bond often deeper than many human ones. So when it’s time to walk down the aisle it’s not ridiculous to want your furry friends to be part of your special day. Non pet owning sceptics would love to argue that your pet dog has no awareness for what’s going on so it isn’t likely to make a difference to them. But those who have spent hours cuddling, playing and (regretfully) admonishing their pets know that they have very real emotions attached to their human family. So why shouldn’t your pooch who is family too, be left out of the wedding celebrations?

Thankfully, more and more pet owners aren’t leaving out their pooches from all the festivities and better still, finding adorable ways to make it memorable for them too. Western couples have adopted the idea since a while now but Indian couples too have jumped on the bandwagon of cute pooch wedding moments. Posing with your dog for pre-wedding photo shoots and proposals has been around for a while but there are some truly innovative ways to make your pet part of your actual wedding.

However it’s important to keep in mind that your dog needs the utmost care and attention especially when he or she will be encountering so many unfamiliar people and locations. Even the most gentle and friendly dogs can become intimidated and act out when inundated with too much stimulus. It’s best to designate one person from the family to always accompany your special guest to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Disclaimers aside here are some super adorable ideas to have a blast with your four-legged bestie during the wedding.

Play Dress Up

Spare a thought for your pooch while you’re working on your own wedding wardrobe and get them kitted with something unique as well. You can use spare fabrics from your custom made pieces to make your pet a coordinated ensemble that will be oh-soooooo-cute! especially in photos. If you’re getting married at a destination that’s nippier than where you live or if the mercury is likely to dip during the time then swaddling your pooch in something warm is also practical.

Pets | Play Dress Up 1

Coordinated Outfit For Your Furry Friend

Pets | Play Dress Up 2

Keep Them Toasty With Stylish Gear

Get Ready With Them

If it’s not feasible to have your pooch at the actual proceedings because the venue doesn’t allow it or if the terrain is not conducive to them then have them by your side, while you get ready. Not only does it make for Insta-worthy shots but it’s also a great way to bond with them one on one without any interruptions. If you’re the bride and won’t be living with your beloved pet after the wedding, then there is no better time to sneak in some cuddles and say your sentimental goodbyes.

Pets | Get Ready With Them 1

Adorable Shots Getting Ready With Your Pet

Pets | Get Ready With Them 2

Adorable Shots Getting Ready With Your Pet

Make Them Part Of Your Baraat or Bridal Entry

This one is especially creative because it means your dog will get to be part of the wedding in a very cool way. For brides who want a modern twist to the traditional and demure bridal entry, there is nothing sweeter or more awwww inducing that incorporating your furry friend into your bridal entry. Grooms can also have their pets share in all the crazy baraat fun provided they’re a safe distance away from the band and fire works. Since dogs have more powerful hearing than humans, they’re easily spooked by loud noises so it’s important to protect them from the extreme commotion during the baraat. Grooms can sit back with their pooch in the comfort of their car and bring them out again for the welcome by the bride’s family.

Pets | Baraat 1

Let Your Dog Enjoy The Baraat From The Comfort Of The Car

Pets | Baraat 2

Have Your Dog Be A Part Of Your Family For The Groom’s Welcome

Pets | Baraat 3

Make Your Bridal Entry With Your Pooch

Sign Bearer

If your dog is petrified of fireworks but you still want them to play a part in the wedding then a little patience and training can make them excellent sign bearers. Unless your pet is exceptionally disciplined, it’s unlikely they can hold the sign throughout the nuptials. Besides you would want them to have a fun frolic as well. Have your pooch welcome your guests as they enter and put a smile on their faces.

Pets | Sign Bearer

Give Your Guests The Cutest Welcome

Photo Props

It’s a no brainer that pets would make unbelievably adorable photo props especially at a wedding. If they’re with you throughout all the functions then there are bound to be some precious moments that would make for splendid candid shots. A gifted and vigilant professional photographer knows the art of capturing these but can also help you to set up some beautiful pictures that you will remember forever. Also don’t underestimate the draw of the super cute ball of fur for your guests. Who needs a photo wall when you can get click happy with a real life stuffed toy?

Pets | Photo Props 1

Take Candid Shots With Your Pooch

Pets | Photo Props 2

Set Up Some Adorable Shots With Your Pooch

Pets | Photo Props 3

 Sometimes Your Pets Can Really Make A Picture Come Alive



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