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Crucial Questions To Ask Before Finalising A Destination Wedding Venue
Crucial Questions To Ask Before Finalising A Destination Wedding Venue
31 st May 2019

Indian wedding planning with its larger than life functions, extravagant details and finer nuances is no easy feat. But with a destination Indian wedding things are even more complicated. Having to source venues and vendors in a place that’s not home is a herculean task by any measure. The Internet has certainly made life easier in some respects. It has cut down the need for unnecessary travel to potential venues that don’t match up to your expectations just from surfing through pictures. Helped in weeding out properties that are over your wedding budget. Even made it possible to contact local vendors and checking out their work before making appointments to see them in person. But the Internet does have its limitations.

Once you have shortlisted a few places it’s crucial to see the property in real life and speak with managers about possible packages. Wedding venues in your hometown might work according to a totally different set of norms. There might even be some taxes or other charges associated with your destination wedding venue, which you had not foreseen before. Irrespective of whether your chosen destination is within close proximity to you or in a different country altogether, there are a few important questions you must clarify before you put down a deposit and lock down your venue. This way you will have a very clear understanding of what to expect from the venue management and be aware of any other arrangements you need to make.


There is no point in scouting out properties that are not available on your chosen dates. Indian wedding dates are often decided upon after consulting a family astrologer or priest who suggest a few auspicious days and times for the nuptials. If your wedding venue is popular for Indian weddings then it’s very likely that many other couples might be considering the same dates as well resulting in a wait list situation. If the property has more than one banquet facility or lawn then you might be sharing the space with another wedding party. Ask the management if they will be able to effectively manage two weddings at the same time without any reduction in the quality of service. As a general rule, pick a venue that is exclusively catering to your wedding so you get the best possible facilities.

Destination Wedding Venue | Availability

Keep A List Of Dates Handy To Check Venue Availability


Your ultimate dream-wedding destination might be on a secluded spot away from the entire world but realistically accessibility is everything. Your guests aren’t going to share your sense of adventure about spending hours on travel across unknown roads to get to the destination. Plus don’t forget that once they get to a central place like an airport, train station, bus station or city centre, it will be up to you to transport them to the wedding venue. Check with your desired property if they can arrange for transportation and the associated costs. Also keep in mind details like ample parking space, valet parking facilities, handicap access and just to be safe – ambulance services. These details might seem trivial but go a long way in ensuring your guests have the best time possible.

Destination Wedding Venue | Logistics

Arrange For Logistics To Transport Your Guests


The biggest spend at any wedding is often with the various vendors like decorators, caterers, entertainers, bartenders and wait-staff. It’s very common for sought-after wedding venues to have a monopoly system, as they prefer to work with an empaneled list of people rather than with unknown parties. Choosing from a specific list might ride up your costs as the wedding venue might take a cut from each vendor. It can also be tricky working with vendors you might not know or trust. Always check with your short listed properties if you can pick and choose a team of vendors who will understand and execute your dream wedding to perfection.

Destination Wedding Venues | Vendors

Work With A Trusted & Efficient Set Of Vendors

Included Services

Every destination wedding venue will have different categories of packages that include different levels of service. Make sure you make a clear note of what is included in your package and get it in writing either via email or on the company letterhead. It will be extremely important in case there is some issue regarding the inclusion or exclusion of any services. Be smart and ask about any hidden charges beforehand so you don’t get a rude shock later. Things like laundry, ironing, welcome drinks, bar tabs, mineral water, room service, mini bar items, pool access, gym facilities and so on need to be clarified in advance. Don’t be afraid to inquire about any and all services at the hotel so you have all your bases covered. No question is too small and it’s better to err on the side of caution. If required pay a lump sum for all the services in advance. Some hotels sneakily pad the final bill with these extra charges resulting in a massive extra expenditure that was unaccounted for and it’s too late to do anything about it after the wedding festivities have concluded.  

Destination Wedding Venue | Included Services

Clarify All Extra Charges To Avoid An Excessive Bill



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