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Cream Is The New Red For Indian Brides
Cream Is The New Red For Indian Brides
27 th Apr 2018

Gone are the days of red being the only colour an Indian bride would wear on her wedding day. Not that it’s no longer popular but modern Indian brides aren’t interested in being bogged down by the tradition of fixed colours for their weddings. India’s numerous casts and communities have certain rules about what colour is considered most auspicious for the bride on her wedding day. However like many other aspects of the wedding festivities, these wardrobe rules are also transforming for the new era of Indian couples.

Indian weddings were always a big deal. Fondly known as Big Fat Indian Weddings, but if you have the dough and the willingness to spend, an Indian wedding can become a grand spectacle. Millions are being spent on destination weddings that pull out all the stops in the very best of guest hospitality. But the grandeur doesn’t end there.

The couples themselves are willing to go to immense pains to get themselves kitted in the most stunning wedding ensembles from start to finish. Instagram hashtags, wedding websites, professional photographers and videographers to weave beautiful stories into the wedding proceedings are all essential to a modern Indian wedding. So why shouldn’t the outfits be anything less than drop dead gorgeous?

With so many changes being inculcated into the traditional Indian wedding, it’s little wonder that brides too are open to experimentation with their wedding lehengas. No longer satisfied with looking like clones of each other, every Indian bride does her research and scours through every single buying option before settling on the one! And as can be expected with so much social media attention being given to Indian weddings these days, certain trends start to emerge.

This current one is to embrace the ethereal and virginal charms of cream for the wedding lehenga. The shift from red to cream was definitely not overnight because cream bridal lehengas have been making an appearance in Indian designer collections for some time now. Ace designers have been reinventing the cream lehenga and churning out droolicious new versions every few years, so it was only a matter of time before the lehenga shade became mainstream.

Cream Is The New Red | Designer Collections

Rohit Bal Collection (left), Manish Malhotra Collection (centre), Tarun Tahiliani Collection (right)

Not just design heavyweights but a lot of celebrity brides too have been slowly but surely gravitating towards the regal and elegant charms of cream lehengas. In the times of social media, these opulent cream lehenga instantly flood the feeds of their admirers making a lot of ordinary girls sit up and take notice. Infact Aisha fame actress Amrita Puri’s cream lehenga was a very strong contender to dethrone reigning bride extraordinaire Anushka Sharma’s blush pink version. Illustrious bride Nin Dusanj who married beau Aftab Shivdasani in a private ceremony in Sri Lanka, looked just as breath-taking in her own cream lehenga.

Cream Is The New Red | Amrita Puri

Amrita Puri’s Cream Lehenga

Cream Is The New Red | Nin Dusanj

Nin Dusanj’s Cream Lehenga

Before you start to assume that this trend is just a passing fad, more for Bollywood showstoppers and others who spend their time in the limelight, you couldn’t be more wrong. Plenty of real brides have already fallen hook, line and sinker for the blank canvas of cream lehengas.

Blogger and fashion designer Kresha Bajaj’s cream lehenga nearly broke the Internet with it’s intricate embroidery designs. The creative and talented young bride decided that rather than adorn her bridal lehenga with random motifs, she would weave her own love story into the embroidery. From scenes depicting monumental instances in their relationship to their names being stitched in a running pattern, this cream lehenga was the pinnacle of customization.

Cream Is The New Red | Kresha

Kresha’s Cream Lehenga

While the other cream lehengas may not have had sooo much attention to detail and personalisation, they were fantastic pieces just the same. Real bride Anusha’s cream lehenga by Sabyasachi splendidly offset the barren desert of Oman. Making her look like a hybrid Indo-Arabian princess.

Cream Is The New Red | Anusha

Anusha’s Cream Lehenga

Another real bride Deepti wanted a sense of colour and whimsy in her cream lehenga for her destination wedding in Goa. Also designed by Sabyasachi this cream lehenga featured floral motifs to go with the beachy and bohemian vibe of the destination.

Cream Is The New Red | Deepti

Deepti’s Cream Lehenga

Bride Kritika’s cream lehenga has a decidedly western twist with all the lace and faux fur. She chose the more contemporary design for an evening function that was less informal rather than the actual wedding. Proving that you can always incorporate cream into your wedding wear wardrobe with the correct styling.

Cream Is The New Red | Kritika

Kritika’s Cream Lehenga

Rini who got married in Alibaug also chose a more offbeat cream lehenga style. Her indo-fusion lehenga featured a fixed dupatta and a green blouse for a pop of colour. The gold gota embroidery was extremely traditional tying in the combination with modern beautifully.

Cream Is The New Red | Rini

Rini’s Cream Lehenga



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