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Choosing Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses-strand-of-silk-Indian weddings
Choosing Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses
05 th Oct 2015

Choosing a bridesmaid dress is a daunting task indeed, because the bride will be deciding outfits for a group of ladies including her close friends and relatives.

In short the bride has to please some five to ten ladies simultaneously. This is not easy but not too difficult either, due to the changing trends of Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses.

Gone are the days when the bridesmaids had to wear tacky dresses to oblige the bride.

Today’s modern bride is a confident woman who knows that she will look more picture perfect surrounded by beautifully dressed up bridesmaids.

Sarees, lehengas, salwaar kameezes and anarkalis are the popular choices for Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses. However to help you choose stunning Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses we will focus on some more specific trends. If you're still unsure of what to wear, take a look at our Wedding Outfit Generator to find out which outfit would be best for the ceremony you're attending!

Match it

The bride can choose her bridesmaid dresses in harmony with her own attire by matching the shade of her bridal outfit with the bridesmaid dresses. The bride can also get Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses in certain colours picked up from her own attire. In addition, the decor of the wedding venue can also dictate the bridesmaid outfit colours.

Green and purple matched outfits for bridesmaids | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Matched bridesmaids outfits in different shades of green | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Matched bridesmaids outfits in pink | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Matched bridesmaids outfits | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Contrasts attract

The bride can stand out amidst the bridesmaids in contrasting outfits. If the bridal outfit is on the paler side then bright bridesmaid outfits will lift her outfit colour. On the other side if the bridal outfit has vibrant tones then downplayed or neutral bridesmaid outfits will be lovely choices.

With cross cultural weddings becoming popular, brides of such weddings prefer wearing white or off-white bridal attires. Bold coloured bridesmaid dresses in red, orange or fluorescents can be incorporated into these Indian weddings sharing Christian rituals.  

Contrast bridesmaids in purple | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Contrast bridesmaids in orange and gold | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Contrasting bridesmaids in blue | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Play with colours

When we think of bridesmaid dresses what comes to our mind is a group of ladies dressed in monochrome attires using a single colour. The bride can think outside the box and get outfits with themes for the bridesmaids, like patterned dresses or rainbow coloured outfits.

Rainbow bridesmaids | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

She can also choose two or three colours complementing each other like warm colours such as red, orange and yellow or cooler shades like green, blue and purple. The bridesmaids’ dresses can follow these colour schemes instead of being uniform.

Colourful saree theme | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

The style of the dresses however should be synchronised when the colours are varying. The following picture shows the bridesmaids wearing Kanjeevaram sarees (a common style of brocade embroidery) in pleasant hues where their looks are coming together beautifully.

Kanjeevaram bridesmaids | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

You can get the following Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses from our website, Strand of Silk.


Single or dual toned sarees can be selected from the range on offer. Adding a blingy or contemporary blouse to the saree will make any bridesmaid a happy girl. Patterned sarees like the ones with floral prints can be chosen against a monochromatic bridal outfit.

Blue, silver and pink sarees for bridesmaids | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses


These can be chosen from a collection of neutral, pallid and vibrant colours, depending upon your taste and theme. The following lehengas will make for great Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses.

Colourful lehengas for bridesmaids | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Salwar Kameez / Anarkali

 Any single tone anarkali with minimalistic detailing will work well as a bridesmaid dress. Also kurtas with churidars and salwars will make for attractive Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses.

Turquoise and orange anarkalis for bridesmaids | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses


Contemporary gowns can also be chosen as bridesmaid attires for any Indian wedding. The contrast between the traditional attire and western silhouettes of the bride and the bridesmaids respectively, will be a striking display.

Red, yellow, black & white and green gowns for bridesmaids | Indian Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Perfect Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses alongside the bride, gives scope for artistic presentation at the wedding. So it does make sense to put careful thought into choosing the bridesmaid attires as any bride desires beautifully captured moments from her special day. The Indian wedding bridesmaid dresses have today become indispensible assets for great wedding photography.

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