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Bridal Style Inspiration from Sonam Kapoor
Bridal Style Inspiration from Sonam Kapoor
25 th Apr 2015

It would be stating the obvious if we said that Sonam Kapoor is one of the leading fashion icons of India. The young fashionista seems to get her style right every single time, be it with Indian ensembles or western outfits.

Don’t ask us how she does it – she simply seems to have an eye for great fashion and a knack of putting together the most mind blowing looks. So without just dwelling on how amazing her sense of style is, we went a little further to decode her bridal style. Here are the five takeaways we found from Sonam Kapoor’s appearances in bridal outfits.

Power it up with a Jacket

Who said jackets were only for the boardroom? Bring power dressing to your wedding venue with a beautifully embellished jacket that doubles up as a blouse or can be worn over your saree.


Sonam Kapoor on the Red Carpet | Bridal Style Inspiration from Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor nailed the vintage look with a white and gold saree that was teamed with a trailing embellished jacket with a baroque effect.  The winged eyes and the sole accessory in the form of the oversized nosepin worked to her benefit and she ended up stealing the show on the red carpet at Cannes in this Anamika Khanna outfit. Taking cue from this look, you could team your wedding saree with a jacket-blouse that is well-tailored to give you a look that exudes confidence.

Saree 2.0

It is time to not just experiment with the blouse but also with the saree. The new age bride needs to give her saree a new twist, by experimenting with the design or the drape. Take a look at this dhoti-style draping that was the talk of the town when Sonam Kapoor wore it at her Cannes red carpet appearance. The pink net saree with applique border is draped in a way that the look is unconventional yet feminine.

Bridal Style Inspiration from Sonam Kapoor - Dhoti Saree Cannes

So this wedding season, experiment with the drape of your wedding saree. Score with this look like Sonam by pairing the unconventionally draped saree with a single accessory that complements the look without taking away focus from it.

Pay Attention to Your Hair

The way you wear your hair determines how good or bad your final look is going to be. If you followed Sonam Kapoor’s public appearances, you would notice that she does not shy away from experimenting with her hairdo. She is able to pick the right kind of hairdo for a stunning look - be it a top knot, messy hair, a side plait or delicate updos. We suggest you go through images of her public appearances to know what we are talking about.

Bridal Style Inspiration from Sonam Kapoor - Experiment with Hairdo

A messy updo would be the best choice since it appears to elongate your neck, frames your face and tends to let your necklace and earrings shine through.

Go big on Accessories

After all, it is your wedding and it is going to happen only once. So go all out on accessories just like Sonam Kapoor has done in this look. She pairs her rather plain black and gold outfit with a prominent polki set that immediately draws attention towards itself.

Bridal Style Inspiration from Sonam Kapoor - Chunky Jewellery

If your wedding outfit does not have too many prints, then call attention towards your accessories with chunky earrings and large kundan necklaces.

Have Fun!

The only way you are going to look beautiful at your wedding is when you are genuinely having fun. Sonam Kapoor loves fashion, does not hesitate to take her chances and stands up for her choices. The fact that she enjoys trying different kinds of looks is evident from the confidence with which she carries herself.

Bridal Style Inspiration from Sonam Kapoor - Have Fun

The moment you are comfortable in your skin and outfit, the confidence will automatically come through. You too will look like a seasoned fashionista if you smiled confidently and had full faith in your fashion choices like she does in hers. 

Image credit: Pinkvilla, Glam Check, The Big Fat Indian Wedding, Jugni Style, Vanity No Apologies, Ndtv

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