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Bridal Sarees for the Modern Indian Bride | Modern Indian Bride
Bridal Sarees for the Modern Indian Bride
22 nd Dec 2014

With changing times, bridal sarees are not about a standard red silk or brocade saree anymore. Today’s bride-to-be has a plethora of options when it comes to choosing her bridal sarees. The new designers on the block are coming up with outfits that seamlessly combine traditional elements in modern silhouettes for the modern Indian bride.

Bridal sarees today are more about comfort, elegance and exclusivity – a sea change from bridal sarees of the past that were only about being extravagant and opulent. Designers are striving to use exquisite and unique craftsmanship in never before used fabrics to create outfits that are one of a kind. As a consequence, we now have bridal sarees in georgette,lace and satin with intricate zardosi borders that become conversation starters.

For the bride who is looking for an unparalleled saree, the options are a plenty, one better than the other. We give you a glimpse of some bridal sarees for the modern Indian bride that will help you choose a memorable wedding outfit.

Pre-Draped Sarees

In case you have not mastered the way to drape a saree, pre-draped bridal sarees will always come to your rescue. They are chic, modern and easy to wear – perfect for the modern Indian bride. These bridal sarees are stitched to give the outfit a sleek, sophisticated and chic look. Embellished blouses, intricate embroidery along the borders and sequin work on the outfit add the sparkle that bridal wear demands.

Bridal Sarees for the Modern Indian Bride - Pre Draped Sarees

These gorgeous pre-draped bridal sarees from our collection are designed to flatter your figure. Elements like the sequinned corset, glittering belt and the embellished blouse add the sparkle that Indian bridal wear demands.

Lace Sarees

Lace has made a big comeback in Indian clothing and is becoming popular among bridal wear designers. Epitomising elegance, lace sarees are a timeless addition to your wardrobe. The thing about lace is, it is modern and classic at the same time. So the modern Indian bride can show off her style in a lace saree and carefully stow it away in her wardrobe, to be used many times over, since these sarees never go out of style!

Bridal Sarees for the Modern Indian Bride - Lace Sarees

Pair the bridal sarees made of lace with delicate jewellery for understated elegance.

Embellished Chiffon and Georgette Sarees

The most popular bridal sarees among modern Indian brides are glamourous georgette and chiffon sarees with exquisite embellishments. These sarees in vibrant colours are easy to drape and carry. The sequins, zardosi and embroidery work on them make them fit for a queen.

Bridal Sarees for the Modern Indian Bride - Georgette Chiffon Sarees

Pair them with kundan or diamond jewellery to get a look akin to a Bollywood diva for your wedding.

Traditional Sarees Fashioned with a Twist

Who said traditional silk sarees have to be conventional and boring? To meet the brief given by the modern Indian bride, Indian designers are upping their game by combining modern design with traditional silk like the Kanjeevaram. For example, this gorgeous lehenga by Tarun Tahiliani that is fashioned out of a Kanjeevaram saree.

Bridal Sarees for the Modern Indian Bride - Kanjeevaram Saree

If you are up for an experiment, then we’d say that an outfit like this, crafted from a saree can be the talk of the town. Else, you could always choose bridal sarees with contemporary motifs to stand out among the floral design crowd. Furthermore, you could style the bridal sarees to give them a modern look by opting for a strappy blouse or choosing a sleek drape. Ultra-modern Indo-western drapes and unconventional blouses are the easiest ways of making your silk saree stand out.

Bridal Sarees for the Modern Indian Bride - Silk Saree Modern

This traditional silk saree is styled with a bateau neck blouse with quarter sleeves. Accessories are kept to the bare minimum, the focus being on the waist belt. The final look is marvellous to say the least.

For the modern Indian bride looking for bridal sarees that are out of the ordinary, we just have one thing to say – get inventive and don’t be afraid to experiment, because there are a million options out there for sarees with a twist!


Image courtesy:ibnlive, merryweddings, pinterest 

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