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Bollywood Celebrities Who Got Married On The Down Low
Bollywood Celebrities Who Got Married On The Down Low
23 rd Aug 2019

B-town weddings are a media frenzy with everyone trying to catch a piece of the action. Whether it’s close friends and relatives feverishly posting on their social media or the mainstream media turning paparazzi to get even the smallest glimpse of the celebrity couple, the fans are voraciously lapping it all up. It’s part of the histrionics of fame and while some celebrity couples want their admirers to partake in the celebrations through pictures and videos. There are just as many Bollywood stars who want their nuptials to be a strictly private affair conducted away from the prying eyes of the world.

Couples like Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma or Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh go to great lengths to keep their wedding dates, venues and guest lists shrouded in mystery. Even going as far as taking cell phones off their guests to avoid any inadvertent leaks. They voluntarily announced their marriages through their personal social media and then shared some intimate pictures from the ceremonies to allow their fans into the revelry. The two A-list couples instantly became trendsetters for a new generation of celebrities who are constantly towing the line between what they want to flaunt and hide about their personal lives. They fed into the media buzz just enough to satiate the curiosity surrounding their weddings without compromising on their cherished private moments.

It could be argued that superstar couples would find it impossible to keep a momentous occasion like a wedding a clandestine affair but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been attempted. We have a list of Bollywood couples who have managed to get married on the down low and shocked everyone with their marital announcements. Their popularity and stardom are certainly not comparable to those of the top echelons of entertainment and sports but they sure do have a rather substantial fan base as well.

Pooja Batra & Nawab Shah

The latest to join the list of couples who had hush hush wedding ceremonies are Pooja Batra and Nawab Shah. The 90s siren, Pooja teased followers with an Instagram post of her bangle adorned wrists that immediately kicked off gossip of an impending wedding. The stunning actress finally announced that she had exchanged vows with her beau in an intimate Arya Samaj ceremony in Delhi in the presence of both families. A few pictures from the ceremonies emerged soon after and her adoring public was quick to wish her.

Secret Weddings | Pooja

Pooja Batra & Nawab Shah On Their Wedding Day

Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi

Even as Sonam K Ahuja’s wedding was hugely trending everywhere came the news of Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi quietly getting hitched in Delhi. The long time couple shared pictures from their intimate and simple Anand Karaj ceremony held at the Vasant Vihar Gurudwara. The understated and elegant affair soon captured the imagination of Indian audiences who couldn’t help but admire the resplendent bride and groom.

Secret Weddings | Neha

Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi On Their Wedding Day

Ileana D’Cruz & Andrew Kneebone

The Rustom stunner has always been fiercely guarded about her private life and her wedding to photographer beau Andrew Kneebone was no different. Ileana’s wedding announcement too was rather cryptic when she posted a picture of herself on Christmas giving credit to her ‘hubby’ Andrew. The subtle message was quickly picked up by hawk-eyed followers who concluded that the couple had been wed in secret. When Ileana was pressed for more details about the nuptials at another event she refused to comment further stating that they would like to maintain their privacy on the subject.

Secret Weddings | Ileana

Ileana D’Cruz & Andrew Kneebone

Preity Zinta & Gene Goodenough

By the time Preity Zinta & Gene Goodenough’s wedding bells chimed, she was known more for her role as the owner of a cricket team than as an actor. However that did not take away from her immense popularity with audiences and within the Indian entertainment industry. Another long time couple, they too got married in a private Hindu ceremony in LA attended only by immediate family and close friends. But unlike many other couples on this list, they also hosted a grand reception in Mumbai to celebrate with Preity’s extended circle of colleagues and friends.

Secret Weddings | Preity

Preity Zinta & Gene Goodenough On Their Wedding Day

John Abraham & Priya Runchal

The hunky heartthrob and sports bike enthusiast, John broke millions of hearts when he suddenly tied the knot with Priya Runchal. The Bollywood star met the NRI financial analyst and investment banker through common friends a few years earlier but both of them kept their relationship extremely private. They got married in a close-knit ceremony followed by a celebration in Los Angeles. John let the cat out of the bag on Twitter by referring to his new wife as ‘Mrs. Priya’. As expected the Twitter-verse exploded in a frenzy of congratulatory messages and Google searches on the identity of the mystery woman who had bagged one of the hottest men in India.

Secret Weddings | John

John Abraham & Priya Runchal On Their Wedding Day

Rani Mukherjee & Aditya Chopra

It’s no secret that Aditya Chopra, son of Yash Chopra and heir to Yash Raj Films is an extremely media shy person. So much so that he never makes an appearance even at the red carpet events and success parties of his own production house’s major ventures. His relationship with Rani Mukherjee was no different, as the couple had never been photographed together even though they had been courting each other for several years and Rani was at the top of her game in Bollywood. Rumours and speculation of an impending wedding had been hounding them from the start of their relationship but the couple always maintained a dignified silence in the matter. When the tight-lipped couple took their wedding vows in Italy in the presence of family and close friends, many of their fans were shocked that the affair went down with zero buzz in the media. But a quiet and tasteful wedding fits totally into the personality of this reticent couple.

Secret Weddings | Rani

Rani Mukherjee & Aditya Chopra




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