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Bling Your Outfit the Indian Way with Stunning Indian Accessories
Bling Your Outfit the Indian Way with Stunning Indian Accessories
06 th Nov 2014


“Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman.”- Michael Kors


For those who are hesitant to fuse casual clothes and Indian accessories, this is the right blog to read. Breaking out of the common misconception that Indian accessories are gaudy, we bring to you a compilation of some of our favourite ethnic trinkets; each one selected carefully to help you satisfy your desire for essential Indian jewellery. 


The easiest way to accessorise an outfit is slipping on a bracelet or a bangle, no matter how simple or elaborate. From chunky bracelets to dainty ones as Indian accessories, everything works!

We can’t stop oohing and aahing over this delicate Gold Plated Flower Bangle.

Some would pass it off as over the top and gaudy while some would be brave enough to pair this Traditional Gold Bangle with their daily outfit. You decide which style is more you.

This Vintage Gold Bracelet is chunky with pearls embedded that give it a burst of elegance and flare.


Cuffs have been a part of an Indian woman’s jewellery box since time immemorial. This antique piece of jewellery is once again a fashion favourite. If you feel bracelets and bangles as Indian accessories are just not the right pieces to complete your look, trust us. A cuff will definitely add some much needed pizazz and more!


This Engraved Fine Detail Cuff epitomises all things Indian. The intricate design encrusted with flowers is sure to jazz up your outfit.

This cuff is all about quintessential India. If you’re bold and quirky, dare to rock this chic Elephant Facing Cuff!

This Gold Plated Cutwork Cuff with Semi Precious Stones reminds us of ancient India. Pair this elegant cuff with your ensemble to create a contemporary Indian look.


For an instant ethnic finish to your outfit, you can never go wrong with these Edgy Enigmatic Jhumkas. The classic traditional dome shape and modern leaf top bring together traditional and contemporary elements in these jhumkas!

Wear these Tunnel Light Earrings during the day and you will look like a breath of fresh air. Wear them at night and they transform you into sophistication personified.

Can we please have a moment of silence appreciate these total beauties? Stylish Ear cuffs have become an essential accessory. These particular ear cuffs are unique in every sense with the elegant drops of pear shaped pearls sure to make you the centre of attention. 


We’re crazy about anything with elegant feather motifs. There’s just something about feathers that fascinates us! Maybe it’s the underlying promise of freedom and free spiritedness or the unique design of each feather. Whatever it is, we love them, and we have our eyes set on this beautiful Feather Inspired Necklace.

Blue is a stunning and versatile colour for jewellery in the palette. This unique necklace with blue stones embodies sexiness, grace, elegance and glamour in the most subtle way possible.


Do you have trouble finding the perfect necklace to go with your dresses, casual jeans, or even professional attire? This Pearl Meena Necklace is the answer to all your prayers!

Indian accessories are definitely a must have for everyone. Next time your outfit seems incomplete and you just can’t decide what is missing, BLING it the INDIAN WAY with these stunning Indian accessories!

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