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The Best Bridal Picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week
The Best Bridal Picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week
16 th Oct 2014

Fashion Weeks are definitely an event worth looking forward to and Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week was no exception. The Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, spanning over five days, was an extravagant event featuring exquisite designs from Spring/Summer 2015 collections. This fashion show is a much anticipated one that sets the stage for hot trends and inspiration.

The Spring/Summer 2015 collections are significant for brides, with the wedding season just around the corner. From the delightful array of designers, there were a selection of exquisite collections that certainly caught my eye for bridal inspiration. Below are some of my favourite bridal wear picks, so to all those brides-to-be, sit back with a cup of tea and read on!

Rabani and Rakha: Sun-Kissed in Gold

Day 4 of Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week embraced handloom heaven. Rabani and Rakha’s collection was a refreshing palette of gold hues, with elegant ivory, gold and sun-kissed peach accents, taking inspiration from antique crafts. Some exquisite elements from Rabani and Rakha’s collection included gold sequined blouses and subtly embroidered net sarees.

The collection also included gowns, dresses and fusion attire with clever layering in opulent lace, tulle, brocade and embroidery. This collection by Rabani and Rakha at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week is sure to catch the eyes of the contemporary bride wanting to experiment with her bridal trousseau. It is no doubt that opting for a golden hue will make you shine on your wedding day. For brides looking for inspiration for their Indian bridal outfits, options 1 and 2 from the left, featuring a lehenga style with luxurious layering is a fantastic, unique option for a Sangeet or Wedding Reception. Option 3 is a beautiful modern option for a bride to flaunt at her Wedding Reception.

The Best Bridal Picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week | Rabani and Rakha


Rohit Bal: Regal Rose 

Rohit Bal’s collection was the finale at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week and what a grand feast for the eyes it was! Year after year, Rohit Bal presents collections that are an absolute feast for the eyes and presents a delectable fashion palette for brides to be. Rohit Bal provided an experience infused with energy, aura and drama through his collection on the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week ramp. The theme for this year’s collection was ‘Gulbagh’, a garden of roses, which took inspiration from the flora of Kashmir. When I think about weddings, florals is one element that definitely come to my mind, making this collection a certain one-stop inspiration spot for brides to be!

The collection took a spin on florals, with a mix of bold and graphic elements at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week and the result was undeniably gorgeous. The highlights of the collection were Rohit’s signature long achkan jackets and exquisite Kashmiri embroidery, striking a unique balance between traditional and contemporary elements. Overall, Rohit Bal’s finale at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week took grandeur to the next level and I am sure you will agree with me! Below are some key pieces that caught my fancy from Rohit Bal's collection, featuring lavish cuts in rich colours and embroidery. I absolutely love the lehenga with maroon and gold embroidery below and the cut of the blouse is so flattering! Are you drooling over these designs as much as I am? :)

The Best Bridal Picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week | Rohit Bal 1

The Best Bridal Picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week | Rohit Bal 2

Viral, Ashish and Vikrant: Chic in Coral

Designers Viral, Ashish and Vikrant painted the town red with ‘Virtues’ on Day 2 at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week. This collection included asymmetrical dress, elaborate dresses and jacket kurtas. The rich combination of red, coral and white hues in unique cuts and flowing shapes are certainly a feast for the eyes.

Pieces from this collection can be a stunning choice for a mehendi ceremony. This collection ticks all the boxes of the vibrancy and spirit of a mehendi ceremony; fun, vibrant, stylish and elegant! An added advantage of these pieces is that they are simple, yet striking. A bride opting for outfits like these will definately feel comfortable, allowing for easy movement to break into a dance move or two! 

The Best Bridal Picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week | Viral Ashish and Vikrant

Sahil Kochhar: Floral Oasis

Designer Sahil Kochhar’s collection on Day 4 of Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week cleverly incorporated pops of red into the embroidery of the exquisite garments. The collection was a celebration of a craft known as Sholapith, heavy on stitching, and native to West Bengal. I love everything about this collection, from the geometric embroidery, intricate cutwork and floral detailing seen in the jackets and gowns.

At first glance, Sahil’s concept is beautiful, yet only with a closer look can one comprehend the sheer breadth and depth of the designs and the work gone into this collection. The designer’s all-silk concept will make a bride feel gorgeous and special at the same time. Hands down, the collection definitely had a wow factor to it. The options below are stunning choices to wear to a Sangeet party or Wedding reception!  

The Best Bridal Picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week | Sahil Kochhar

Although the designer collections presented at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week weren’t explicitly Indian bridal wear, there were various gorgeous trousseau picks, as well as trend tips to inspire your wardrobe. The bridal colour palette at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week is no longer restricted to bright reds and the horizon has expanded immensely to include neutral shades with pops of rich colour, such as in burgundy, cream and  coral. The bridal trousseau landscape has also seen mixing traditional and contemporary styles. I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the best bridal picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week!


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