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Best Bridal Colour Picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS15 | Fashion Designers
Best Bridal Colour Picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS15
17 th Oct 2014

The Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week displayed a rich palette of hues for Spring/Summer 2015 collections. The show brought together a fraternity of influential designers, who have made an undeniable mark in the fashion industry with their beautiful designs. In this article, is an overview of our best bridal colour picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Show SS15 from designers Rabani & Rakha, Sahil Kochhar, Viral, Ashish and Vikrant, as well as the grand finale designer Rohit Bal.

Be sure to also check out the previous article, where I described the best bridal picks at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week from these designers. The designs presented were diverse, and included a delightful palette of hues that were reminiscent of royalty, grandeur, elegance and luxury.

Gold Goddess

Designer duo, Rabani and Rakha’s collection was a delightful and rich colour palette. I have just one word for this collection...gorgeous! I am in love with their elegant colour choice, featuring gold, white and beige hues. Their collection at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week spelled out classy with a capital C.

Beige and gold seem to have been making a huge comeback for Spring/Summer and the collection used this colour to its fullest potential. Through Rabani and Rakha's collection, the colour horizon has greatly expanded to embrace colours other than red for bridal wear. This gold goddess look is for the ladies who are not afraid to experiment and would like an elegant look with subtle shine. Designer duo Rabani and Rakha put forward the best of gold on the runway for the wedding season. 


Floral Oasis

Sahil Kochhar’s collection incorporated a pleasant mix of red, pink, cream and gold hues. The collection beautifully incorporates Sanjhi, a unique and intricate paper cutting craft from Mathura, India, through using stencils and embroidery in striking colour combinations.

The designer's use of 3D hand cut petal embroidery especially caught our eye. Sahil has cleverly chosen his colour palette to make this amazing art form come alive! The neutral base of his designs, with clever pops of colour makes his designs come to life. Sahil’s colour palette choice is fresh and contemporary, yet has an old world charm, inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India and the artistry of the craftsmen.

Chic in Coral

The primary colour used in Viral, Ashish and Vikrant’s collection was coral with dull gold accents. The designs displayed a perfect marriage of colour and cut. The simple, yet rich combination of red, coral and white hues with hints of dull gold was definitely a feast for the eyes. These bright colours and stylish, yet comfortable cuts make this a stunning choice to wear at a mehendi ceremony.

In the first half of their show, designs with powder blue pinstripes were followed by loose dusky pink fabrics. The show also included a short presentation about HIV alongside the message of equality the designers wished to communicate. The red ribbon used in the collection that symbolises Worlds Aids Day narrated the colour palette thereafter the red, white and taupe dominating the second half of the collection. The show certainly took the phrase, designing for a message to another level, by expressing through their designs the importance of supporting and embracing those suffering from HIV.

Regal Rose

Rohit Bal’s collection was the finale at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week, with hues of cream, red, white, gold and burgundy. Slip into these grand creations and you will feel like a queen. The theme for this year’s collection was ‘Gulbagh’, a garden or roses, taking inspiration from the flora of Kashmir. The colours were reflective of this elegant theme, using soft hues such as red, maroon, burgundy and pink. The base colours of the gowns, lehengas and achkan jackets were in colours of red, burgundy, cream, white, black and gold.

In fact, there is no denying that Rohit Bal knows exactly how to make his collections come alive, and once again creates magic with two of his favourite colours – off-white and gold. A very interesting element in Rohit Bal's colour palette was that a change in song signalled a change in colour palette. Subtle hues of gold, beige and cream gave way to brighter hues in red and maroon, with a beautiful bloom of roses, lotuses and peonies took over the ramp, in a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours. Rohit Bal’s clever colour choices created an undeniable aura of regality, opulence and luxury.

As the models walked down the ramp, it looked like a rose-tinted dream. Indeed, showman Rohit Bal enthrals at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week with a stunning finale! Rohit’s collection was the perfect finale choice for Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week and helped retain India’s beautiful traditional roots and brought opulence and originality onto the runway, for all eyes to feast upon. 

Overall Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week provided a promising platform for fashion designers in the country to showcase their SS15 collection and sees the amazing merging of the finest designers of the industry.

The colour palette for SS15 certainly reflects richness, luxury and opulence. To all the brides-to-be, I hope you were inspired by these hot bridal colour picks, straight off the ramp! When choosing your attire for your special day, remember that simplicity is elegance. Your attire and colour choice should make you feel absolutely gorgeous, both inside and out! 

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