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Beauty Product Saviours For Every Bride
Beauty Product Saviours for Every Indian Bride
29 th Aug 2017

These are just few of the elements that make for a legendary Indian wedding,

·      Copious amounts of hair and make up products

·      Limited sleep from back to back nights of constant partying

·      Decadent, delicious and unhealthy food

·      Bottomless glasses of alcohol and endless shots

·      Cold feet and butterflies in the stomach

While they’re all insanely fun you might experience major good times regret when unsightly pimples, dark circles, lacklustre skin or limp lifeless hair make an appearance.

Weddings = madness. And you have to be superhuman not to let the fatigue catch up to you. You might be excited for all the mayhem but it’s important to take care of yourself as well especially when you’re going to be photographed constantly.

A solid skin and hair care regimen should be part of your daily routine regardless of the wedding but it’s also beneficial to amp it up with professional treatments just before the festivities gets underway. 

Once things get going it will be impossible to find time for hair spas and facials and you may not have the energy for an entire 5 or 10 step daily beauty ritual. But you also don’t want to look exhausted during the functions and negate all the time and energy spent trying to get that ethereal bridal glow and glossy mane. There are some superhero products out there that help you cheat the look of tiredness in very little time. Make sure you pick up some or all of them and ensure your look flawless throughout your wedding.


Ask any Indian woman and the one beauty product she that cannot do without would be her trusty concealer. Sub-continental Asian and Mediterranean skins are especially prone to pigmentation issues. Add to these all those yummy yet greasy Indian delicacies that cause oily skin, which is the favourite playground of those pesky breakouts and it seems obvious that a concealer is a no-brainer in the stylish bride’s arsenal.

Your makeup artist will obviously cover any blemishes and problem areas but things might start to peak through after a few hours of socialising. Invest in a product like Bobbi Brown’s Retouching Wand so you can make a quick trip to the bathroom and do touch ups in required areas. The wand has a built in applicator so there is no need to bother with a brush, which is a special bonus when trying to cram everything into a small clutch.

Bridal Beauty Saviours | Concealer

Bobbi Brown Retouching Wand


Indian weddings are synonymous with constant eating and drinking so it’s no wonder that lipsticks in bridal photos start to look worn out after some time. Even long wear formulas are unlikely to survive the onslaught of gluttony and social kissing customary at Indian weddings so a lippy is another bridal saviour product that is most required. It might sound rather ridiculous to mention this as you maybe in the habit of carrying around a lipstick for top ups anyway but an Indian wedding poses a unique challenge.

Your outfits and makeup will change for every occasion so unless you plan on wearing only one shade of lipstick throughout or don’t mind splurging a small fortune on all the colours your make up artist plans to use, you will be stumped about which shade to carry around. Additionally makeup artists often mix shades to get the right hue for a particular look and you’re not going to have the space (small clutch bag problems again!) or the time for that during the functions. A classic shade like MAC’S Brick-O-La flatters all Indian skin tones and works with both ethnic and western ensembles. It might not be the ideal shade you start out with when your makeup artist finishes your entire look but it’s a great colour for quick retouching that will match all your outfits and prevent that ghastly washed out lip look in pictures.

Bridal Beauty Saviours | Lipstick 1

MAC Brick-O-Lac Lipstick

Bridal Beauty Saviours | Lipstick 2

MAC Brick-O-Lac Lipstick Shade

Blotting Sheets

Oily skinned gals know the horrors of looking like an oil slick. Even with matte finish powders and setting sprays your face might not survive all those hours of dancing without some oil peaking through. If you want to prevent going from healthy shine to grease pit carry some blotting sheets with you at all times.

Even if you have dry skin it can’t hurt to be prepared so ask your sister or bestie to keep some blotting papers handy if you don’t want to waste precious clutch space for a precautionary measure. It’s also worthwhile considering blotting papers if you’re having a wedding at a destination with tropical climate, as you never know how your skin will react to the warmer temperatures and higher humidity. Try something like Boscia’s Fashionably Matte Blotting Sheets to keep yourself looking fresh at all times.

Bridal Beauty Saviours | Blotting Papers

Boscia Fashonably Matte Blotting Sheets

Night Serum

You might be too exhausted from all the celebrations to bother with a whole night-time skincare regimen or might have had to forgo all your favourite lotions and potions in favour of more important wedding related items like those heavy outfits when packing with weight and baggage size limitations. But that is no excuse for dreary eyes, sallow skin and fried hair. Especially when all you need is one quick swipe of a magic elixir just before bed to wake up to bouncy daisy-fresh skin.

Pack a multipurpose product like Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum if you can afford the hefty price tag or the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate for a more pocket friendly alternative. It will take only 2 additional minutes of your time after cleansing to slather your face, neck and the ends of your hair with these antioxidant rich essential oil based serums. You can even mix both in equal measure for a super powered dose of skin and hair health boosting ingredients.

Bridal Beauty Saviours | Night Serums

Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair & Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Lavender Oil

Wedding stress and excitement coupled with irregular hours is likely to play havoc with your sleep cycle. You might not end up getting much shuteye so it’s important to ensure quality sleep when you do finally hang up those stilettos for the night. Lavender oil has unbelievable calming properties so add some in your room diffuser or spray some on your pillow to sleep deeply. If you’re staying at a hotel put in an advance request for this with housekeeping and you will be thankful for the restful and refreshing slumber.

Bridal Beauty Saviours | Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil



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