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Art of the Drape
Art of the Drape
13 th Feb 2015

Saree draping is an art that is perfected the more you practice it. A saree is the epitome of beauty, elegance, grace and sophistication. Wear it to any occasion, be it a wedding, mehendi, sangeet or cocktail party, it is assured you will stand out amongst the crowd. The first step before draping the saree is to ensure that your petticoat is a similar colour to your saree, so that it blends in effortlessly, unless you are trying to achieve a unique and contrasting look. Jess in the video below will show you how simple it is to drape a saree!

The first step is to take one end of the saree and starting from the middle, begin tucking it in the petticoat. She makes her way around the back and again to the front. Ensure that you have your heels on, to give an indication of the length of the saree. Typically, the saree length should fall just an inch off the floor. 

The next step is to take the other end of the saree and bring it around you from the back to the front and place the saree over your shoulder. Take the remainder of the saree in the middle. Pleat it in a neat manner and tuck it into the center of your saree. Next, arrange the saree over your shoulder neatly, and adjust how you want your saree to fall. Take a pin and secure the saree onto your blouse, so that it remains neat and stable on your shoulder. And there, you have mastered the art of draping! For an alternative look, you can let your saree hang loose over your shoulder.

After you have completed draping the saree beautifully, accessorise with jewellery, bangles, and a bindi, and you are all set to go for your Indian wedding occasion! Once you know the basics of draping a saree, you can experiment with wide range of styles that are best suited to your taste. A popular style is the butterfly saree draping style, as worn by various Bollywood celebrities, where the pallu is made very thin. For this elegant style, the saree must be of a light material such as net or chiffon. For maximum impact, style the saree with a heavy embellished blouse.

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