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7 Shades of Bridal Lehengas for the Offbeat Bride-Indian Weddings
7 Shades of Bridal Lehengas for the Offbeat Bride
30 th Oct 2017

So, is your BIG DAY just a month or two away? Have you decided your bridal look yet? Is all hell breaking loose before you? Do you want to perfectly fit into the definition of an offbeat bride? If yes, today’s your day and we’re here only for you.

We’re sure you have a solid reason to go the offbeat way on your wedding. Pulling an unconventional bridal look comes with its share of challenges. We’re here to rescue you with one of the biggest challenge – The Lehenga.

Every bride, offbeat or not, wants to have a perfect lehenga that suits her personality and makes her look like a million dollars. Laying hands on ‘the one’ can be difficult since the markets are loaded with umpteen styles, fabrics, and designs to choose from. The battle just gets messier for an offbeat bride, who wants to ditch reds and pinks while there aren’t other choices available. If that is what you think, we’re going to change it for you this very moment.

Let’s help you slay at the first challenge of the offbeat bridal world. With that being said, following are the 7 stunning shades of lehengas that you will instantly fall in love with.  

Ink Blue Lehengas

Ink Blue

The blue family may just be the last colour that passes your mind and that is just the reason why it is on the top of our list. Ink blue is a perfect colour that can help you create a style statement. If you want to adorn a regal look, go for an ink blue velvet lehenga. A lot of designers in India are now experimenting with blues when it comes to bridal lehengas. It would not be incorrect to say that this may become one of the hottest colours to settle for in the coming wedding seasons.  (Tip: Check out the famous Blue Lehenga designer by Anita Dogre – may turn out to be the lehenga of your dreams).

Mint coloured Lehengas


So you may have seen a lot of greens and peaches on the fancy Instagram accounts! We’d like to break the fact to you that greens are here to stay and mint green in a new entrant to the lehenga game. Ever since pastel shades became a thing for the day wedding, mint green has been ruling the scene. You can choose to wear a lehenga that is all mint green or create personal contrast. It just goes with every other colour we’ve known till date. 

Fairytale Gold Lehengas

Fairytale Gold

Gold is a timeless colour that works wonder for both, the traditional and the offbeat bride. Nowadays, the sequinned golden lehenga with a contrasting dupatta has been creating a buzz all over the social media. If you think bling is your thing, this is the colour that you want. Based on how you choose to wear it, you can use it for the day or night wedding both. 

Fuchsia Pink Lehengas

Fuchsia Pink

Fuchsia pink is a bold, bright and a fun colour that symbolizes femininity, serenity, and affection. It comes from the pink family but is still an offbeat statement colour to adorn. This would go well with both gold and silver embellishments. 

Marsala coloured Lehengas


Marsala was the talk of the town last season and it is here to stay for a while. If you are in the situation where you love red but you also want go offbeat, this is a perfect choice. It comes from the red family- symbolizes energy, power, and passion. For the big-fat Indian winter wedding, a Marsala lehenga with gold embellishments can give you an enthralling look.

Lavender coloured Lehengas


Lavender is a beautiful shade that can give you an enchanting look for your summer day wedding. Choose an Italian theme and wear a Lavender lehenga with green jewelry – a look no one will forget. You can experiment with your hair as much as you want and keep the makeup subtle.

Multicoloured Lehengas

YES! That may sound like a bold move to make but multicolored lehengas are really in and they look great. A lot fo leading designers are now offering their staple designs in multicolored hues. It is your day and you should look like a dream – that’s what you can achieve with such a lehenga.

Multicoloured Lehenga

So these were the shades that are going to be on the top of the charts for the season. You can browse through other offbeat shades as well before making the final pick. A lot of designers have now started catering to the offbeat prodigy of brides and are designing lehengas that are quirky and modern.


Pictures: Weddingplz, WedmeGood, Wedding Sutra


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