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Match box style wedding invite | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends-strand-of-silk-Indian weddings
5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends
18 th Mar 2016

Weddings are always a beautiful affair. Indian weddings are special because they relive the old world charm through the traditional rituals. However many modern Indian wedding trends are threatening its traditional values.

These modern Indian wedding trends are changing the dynamics of the Indian wedding market and Indian weddings are becoming more lavish and extravagant with time.

Some of the new age Indian wedding trends have brought a pleasant change to Indian weddings and have added some spunk. Artistic photography, gorgeous contemporary attires and all the modern forms of creativity incorporated in the Indian weddings have enhanced their beauty. However there are quite a few Indian wedding trends that are downright ridiculous.

Let’s explore 5 of these ridiculous Indian wedding trends:

The Bigger the Better

Indian weddings have a reputation for being ostentatious. Large chunks of jewellery, flamboyant attires and grand presents like Rolls Royces and helicopters are a part of Indian weddings. This trend is driven by the desire for social supremacy and it continues with few modern tweaks.

Extravagant Indian Weddings | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

In the quest for social display, sometimes the bride and groom are overwhelmed by planning and preparations. Even if they are delegating responsibilities, the couple, mostly the bride is so driven by perfection that she cannot enjoy her wedding at all. Anything out of place will incur the wrath of the bridezilla. The venue decor has to be perfect as per the theme; the photographs of imposed poses have to look candid and the activities should be planned to the tee. Nowadays the brides are also sporting an unnatural look thanks to too much makeup.

Before, most of the Indian weddings comprised of just the wedding ceremony and the reception. However it has now become a trend to continue the wedding event for three to four days complete with Sangeet and a high-end cocktail evening.

Traditionally Indian weddings were relaxed casual affairs with no rigid guest lists, giving predominance to the wedding rituals. The modern Indian wedding trends have put the rituals on the back-burner. Indian wedding trends these days are mostly taken from the west. Some of these new age Indian wedding trends have made the Indian weddings lose their real essence and have transformed them into a role play act for society.

Extravagant Indian weddings 1 | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

Food Obsession

Modern Indian weddings are also trending with food obsession that is characterised by profusion. Indian wedding food spreads are intended to win the title for ‘the most exquisite and diverse food show’

In every country, during weddings people serve their regional or national food. When it comes to Indian wedding trends, food has no limitations, geographically and anatomically. It can range from the continental fare to Italian, Mediterranean and Chinese. Indian food from north to south will also make its presence at the weddings. The desserts will also be an exotic assortment of Indian as well as Western specialties. Latest Indian wedding trends for food like live dessert assembly counters and canapé stalls are also incorporated to give the wedding an edge.

Food Obsession 1 | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

Food Obsession 2 | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

Surprisingly food is also a standard to judge Indian weddings. The motive to attend a wedding is food for most of the guests, especially the ones who hardly know the bride and groom. Indian weddings take great care in satisfying the palette of such guests.

Food Obsession 3 | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

While this Indian wedding trend is good for the guests it can never be good for the wedding family’s pocket. The sheer display of abundant food (more options than any guest can eat) is appalling.

# Hashtag Wedding

While Indians are splurging on the weddings, they are also going a step further by following the new trend to pay someone to make their wedding popular on social media. The guests are also encouraged to post any pictures related to the wedding on Instagram or Twitter with an official hashtag name. The distraction of live wedding tweets and guests checking constant updates on their cell phones has become one of the ridiculous Indian wedding trends.

Hashtag Wedding 1 | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

Hashtag wedding 2 | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

Crazy Props and Hennas at Weddings

The trend of setting up a photo booth at Indian weddings with various props is ingenious. However some props are blatantly ridiculous rather than funny. Crazy party glasses and sometimes words that cross the fun line are becoming Indian wedding trends.

Crazy Props I 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

There is also a surprising trend for the usually traditional henna motifs. Indian brides are getting adventurous with Kamasutra and other erotic motifs for mehendi designs.

Kamasutra mehendi designs | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

The idea has to be lauded for being something out of the box. However it has been argued that the new trend detracts from the significance of the wedding henna ritual. 

Weird Wedding Invites

An increasing number of wedding couples are ditching the traditional wedding invites. They are coming up with quirky ways to announce their wedding date to invite the guests. The wedding invites are ranging from matchboxes to boarding passes. Some couples are taking the quirky wedding invite trend even further by printing the story of how they met as a newspaper and sending it out as an invite.

Match box invite | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

Boarding pass invite | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

Newspaper invite | 5 Ridiculous Indian Wedding Trends

There is a thin line that separates ‘different’ and ‘weird’. Sometimes in the quest to become different, ridiculous Indian wedding trends are being displayed. An important thing to remember is that a wedding is just the beginning of a relationship. A great wedding does not guarantee a great relationship. At times it is better to follow traditions than to lose sleep over staging a different and exotic wedding.

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