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5 Indian Wedding Trends That Need To Die In 2019
5 Indian Wedding Trends That Need To Die In 2019
09 th Jan 2019

There is no doubt that 2018 was THE year for grand celebrity Indian weddings. Each subsequent star-studded soiree set the bar unimaginably high making one wonder how the next couple could possibly surpass that level of grandeur. But every power couple proved that there is no expense too great and no celebration too lavish when yours is going to be the IT wedding of the season. It’s also really not surprising that regular folk too are throwing big bucks on more and more elaborate and extravagant Indian weddings with each passing year.

There is definitely a certain kind of pressure and expectation that comes with Indian weddings because as a society and culture, getting married is considered a major milestone. It’s meant to be celebrated with as much fanfare and grandiosity as both families can afford. Obviously there are skeptics out there who are extremely practical about their finances and consider spending an inordinate amount of money on one celebration utterly wasteful. But sometimes even the most cynical can’t help but get swept up by the Indian wedding magic and loosen their grip on those purse strings.

We know Indian weddings are massive events, we know that a certain level of majesty is mandatory and we know that it’s unavoidable. So how could anything go wrong when you’re spending mega bucks for a massive blowout? Well for one thing, Indian weddings are a breeding ground for hostile competition and one-upmanship. Every Indian family wants to out do the other but even if it isn’t about having a bigger and shinier wedding than the neighbours and pesky family members, it’s about maintaining a certain standard worthy of the family name.

Without getting into the convoluted politics of Indian weddings because we like to keep things upbeat and cheery here at Strand Of Silk, we present to you the 5 Indian wedding trends that need to be retired in 2019. These may have ruled 2018 and maybe even 2017 but as a soon-to-be married couple you will realize quickly that the most memorable Indian weddings are the ones that are truly distinctive and innovative rather than a same-same affair witnessed by most of your guests at a zillion different dos.

OTT Indian Wedding Invitations

The style of an invite definitely sets the tone for the rest of the event because it gives your guests clues about the theme, formality and magnificence of the upcoming affair. However there is certainly an end point to opulence when it comes to the Indian wedding invitation. Sending personalized keepsakes, sweets, wine bottles and even religious idols has become customary with Indian wedding invites lately. But spending excessively for an impressive Indian wedding invitation is not only unnecessary but also extremely wasteful.

A case in point would be Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal’s extravagant Indian wedding invitation that was a large musical box filled with smaller gold boxes containing a Ganesh photo frame and different types of necklaces. This Indian wedding invitation reportedly cost a whopping Rs. 300,000 per piece. Probably a minor expense to the mega wealthy Ambanis and Piramals but certainly a bit extreme for an Indian wedding invitation that’s simply meant to inform guests about the wedding details.

5 Indian Wedding Trends That Need To Die | OTT Indian Wedding Invitations

Isha Ambani & Anand Piramal’s Indian Wedding Invitation

Designer Brides

Anushka Sharma kicked off the trend of the designer bride when she chose Sabyasachi Mukherjee as her bridal trousseau designer. Deepika Padukone continued with it when she also chose him as the man in charge of dressing her for all her wedding festivities. While there is nothing wrong with sticking to a tried and tested aesthetic that appeals to you for your big day, there is always a certain kind of monotony that creeps into wedding looks created by the same designer.

Both Anushka & Deepika looked stunning throughout their Indian wedding celebrations and Sabyasach Mukherjee is certainly a maestro at his craft, but we couldn’t help but feel that different designers would’ve brought in a refreshing take to each wedding look.

5 Indian Wedding Trends That Need To Die | Designer Brides

Deepika Padukone & Anushka Sharma As The Quintessential Sabyasachi Brides

Corny Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

We’ve all experienced some seriously cringe-worthy social media posts featuring loved up couples announcing their wedding with some truly corny pictures. Pre-wedding photoshoots have also become something of a norm of Indian weddings but all those Bollywood inspired poses combined with tacky backgrounds are just so over. If you must do a pre-wedding photoshoot work with a creative photographer who will personalize the experience with some innovative concepts that truly reflect your personalities and quirks.

5 Indian Wedding Trends That Need To Die | Corny Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot That’s Rather Generic

Cliché Indian Wedding Song & Dance Routines

Also known as the family sangeet performance, this Indian wedding trend has become totally dated and tired. Having your friends and family dance to the tunes of Indian wedding songs is a lovely concept but one that’s been repeated way too many times to continue to be charming. Not to mention the added stress of organizing schedules to meet for practices to learn and perfect the choreographed routines. In the end the performance itself featuring a mix of old and new Indian wedding songs might be enjoyable to those involved but unless the participants are extremely talented, the other guests might not see the entertainment value.

5 Indian Wedding Trends That Need To Die | Indian Wedding Song & Dance Routines

The Typical Sangeet Performance

Staged Indian Wedding Photos

Another modern Indian wedding trend is the obsession with creating perfectly photographed moments. Capturing all those priceless memories is certainly important but things get a bit tiresome when couples and photographers forcefully stage these shots rather than freeze framing a truly candid moment. The epitome of these are some truly tedious ‘getting ready’ pictures that have brides and grooms fake posing with friends and family to recreate a certain type of photo they want for their social media feed because it’s the current favourite amongst influencers. Wouldn’t you rather look back at genuinely heartfelt emotions instead of random snapshots of hanging lehengas and sherwanis?

5 Indian Wedding Trends That Need To Die | Staged Photos 1

Staged Bride Getting Ready Shot

5 Indian Wedding Trends That Need To Die | Staged Photos 2

Staged Groom Getting Ready Shot



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