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5 Contemporary Mehendi Designs for Non Conformists
5 Contemporary Mehendi Designs for Non Conformists
30 th Oct 2017

Every little Indian girl has been through a phase of being completely obsessed with mehendi. The delicate designs, the careful preparations and the final maroon stain are all part of an extremely feminine beauty ritual. It made us feel all grown up at an age when we couldn’t wait to be just that – fully-grown! A few years and many experiences later feelings on everything from adulthood to fashion change so why would mehendi be any different.

Some ladies can’t be bothered with waiting around for the henna to be applied and then dried before getting on with things. Others still adore the entire process and never pass up an opportunity to decorate their hands. While some are on the fence and choose to partake as and when the mood strikes them.

Irrespective of the level of henna enthusiasm, there is always a certain pride in wanting to sport the most unique designs because traditional styles tend to look the same after a point. The growing trend of Indo-fusion wear only reaffirms the belief that the ubiquitous ethnic mehendi needs a massive push into modernity. If you’ve been on the lookout for some funky new mehendi styles then here are some ideas to inspire you.

1. Written Words

This one is especially fun for brides who are bored of the whole husband’s-name-hidden-in-the-mehendi routine. You can still follow the custom but give it a wordy twist. Infuse your mehendi with a few lines of a poem, song, verse or even a famous dialogue from your favourite television show or movie. It could be something you would like to dedicate to him or something already special to both of you. Not only is this idea heart meltingly romantic but it also makes for a super cool mehendi design.

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Written Words 1

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Written Words 2

Mehendi Designs With Words

2. Multicoloured Mehendi

Why restrict yourself to only brown or maroon stains when it’s possible to mix it up with modern dyes? A multi-coloured mehendi pattern can be a combination of colours and even glitter. You can even pick colours to match your outfit to complete the ensemble from head to toe. This one is definitely for mehendi enthusiasts who love to experiment with their stains.

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Multicoloured 1

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Multicoloured 2

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Multicoloured 3

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Multicoloured 4

Multicoloured Mehendi Designs

3. Minimalist Back Designs

If an OTT mehendi design is just not your thing then dial it back and go chic and simple instead. Delicate veils, florals and intricate motifs look much more contemporary as opposed to loading up the front and back of your hands with complicated patterns. These are also a convenient hack for those who are too restless to wait for the henna to dry. Plus you can’t deny the carefree boho vibe of just the right amount of mehendi when paired with edgy silhouettes or western clothes.

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Minimalist Back 1

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Minimalist Back 2

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Minimalist Back 3

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Minimalist Back 4

Minimalist Back Mehendi Designs

4. Birdcage

What started as a trend for wedding invitations has slowly creeped into décor, lehenga embroideries and now mehendis. The cute birdcage motif is a fun way to elevate your mehendi into something more playful and modern. We especially love the half and half design that will make for some killer Insta-worthy shots.

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Birdcage 1

Unconventinal Mehendi Designs | Birdcage 2

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Birdcage 3

Mehendi Designs With Birdcages

5. Toe Mehendi

Applying henna to the feet is a very bridal custom but that doesn’t mean only brides are allowed to do it. Basic patterns done only on the toes can look uber stylish for everyone, especially if you plan on wearing churidhars or shorter skirts and lehengas. This idea also works wonderfully for brides who prefer to have less mehendi on their feet. You can adorn the designs with some toe rings or feet jewellery. Leave it bare and it will still look very pretty. 

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Toe Mehendi 1

Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Toe Mehendi 2

 Unconventional Mehendi Designs | Toe Mehendi

Mehendi Designs For Toes



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