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5 Celebrity Weddings Anniversaries Of 2018
5 Celebrity Weddings Anniversaries Of 2018
23 rd Jan 2019

There has been so much coverage on all the massive celebrity weddings from 2018, it would seem like no one else got married before that ever. The media frenzy for all the big fat Indian weddings in the past year while totally understandable given the scale of the celebrations and the fame of the couples, also became a bit much after a while. We were inundated with images and details of the high profile nuptials from every direction. In a bid to give everyone a breather from all the wedding madness that went down in 2018, we decided to focus on something a little off beat.

As the topic suggests, we are counting down the celebrity anniversaries of 2018. Marking the one-year celebration of the couples that wed in 2017 and dropping updates on what has been happening in their lives after the wedding dust settled and they officially started their lives as man and wife. Spoiler alert!

They’re all still deliriously happy and in love so there are no sad break up stories coming your way. Celebrity anniversaries haven’t become a major media circus just yet and many of the featured couples were blissfully content being in their own space or made small proclamations of love for each other through their social media.

It might be easy to forget that although 2017 didn’t have the glitz and glamour of 2018 in terms of celebrity weddings, there were definitely a few mega celebrations that took place. Some of them might have escaped your recollections but we’re here to jog your memory as we count down these celebrity anniversaries.

Neil Nitin Mukesh & Rukmini Sahay

The hunky actor surprisingly went down the traditional arranged marriage path to meet wife Rukmini Sahay and got hitched in Udaipur in February 2017. Their celebrity anniversary was definitely monumental as Rukmini was pregnant with their first child. The couple didn’t make any grand announcements of the pregnancy on the day but Neil took to his Instagram to share the good news in April 2018. He then shared pictures of their baby girl when she was born in September 2018, introducing Nurvi Neil Mukesh to his fans and followers.

Celebrity Anniversaries 2018 | Neil Nitin Mukesh 1

Neil Nitin Mukesh & Rukmini Sahay On Their Wedding Day

Celebrity Anniversaries 2018 | Neil Nitin Mukesh 2

Neil Nitin Mukesh’s Post Introducing Nurvi Neil Mukesh

Amrita Puri & Imrun Sethi

The pretty lass who played sidekick roles in movies like Kai Po Che! and Aisha married her long time restaurateur beau Imrun Sethi in a stunning wedding ceremony in Bangkok. The November 2017 nuptials took Indian wedding websites by storm as pictures of the dreamy setting and gorgeous bride started doing the rounds. Both Amrita & Imrun are fiercely private about their relationship so there were no big celebrity anniversary announcements from either of them. But with their pictures still being one of the top hits on Indian wedding websites, it feels like everyday is their celebrity anniversary.

Celebrity Anniversaries 2018 | Amrita Puri

Amrita Puri & Imrun Sethi On Their Wedding Day

Zaheer Khan & Sagarika Ghatge

The refined and elegant inter-faith couple, Zaheer Khan & Sagarika Ghatge have always shied away from public displays of affection. The cricketer and actress always remained tight lipped about their courtship and also got married in a low-key ceremony at home. They did have 2 lavish wedding receptions for all their splendid industry friends but then went back into their loved up shells. Like their wedding the celebrity anniversary also came and went without any wild proclamations of love but we’re sure these two definitely celebrated in their own intimate way.

Celebrity Anniversaries 2018 | Zaheer Khan

Zaheer Khan & Sagarika Ghatge At Their Reception

Ileana D’Cruz & Andrew Kneebone

No one had a clue when the beautiful Rustom fame actress tied to the knot to her Aussie photographer boyfriend Andrew Kneebone. The ceremony was totally secret and private with next to no pictures or details of the affair surfacing on the Internet. In an age of sharing every single detail of celebrity life, there was something truly refreshing about guarding the privacy of the life-changing moment between this couple.

Celebrity Anniversaries 2018 | Ileana Dcruz 1

Ileana D’Cruz & Andrew Kneebone On Their Wedding Day

Infact, Ileana even make the announcement through her Instragram in the most blink-and-you-will-miss-it kind of way by sharing a blurry picture taken by her man and captioning it:

"My favourite time of the year #christmastime #happyholidays #home#love #family. Photo by hubby Andrew Kneebone Photography"

Celebrity Anniversaries 2018 | Ileana Dcruz 2

So if you didn’t notice the word HUBBY, you would be none the wiser about this couple’s wedding. After so much confidentiality it would be highly irregular for this couple to make a big deal about their celebrity anniversary. Just like Zaheer & Sagarika, these two also chose to spend it without any fanfare and fuss.

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma

When speaking of secret weddings in 2017 (since it was in december, we sneaked it in!), there was no bigger bombshell than the #Virushka nuptials. The joyfully shocking news came as a massive celebration for fans of the long time couple, who had always been rooting for them through all the ups and downs. Their celebrity anniversary was just as spectacular as the Italian wedding ceremony as Virat decided to share some unseen pictures of the couple with an adorably sweet caption for his wife. He wrote:

“Can’t believe it’s been a year already because it feels like it happened just yesterday. Time has truly flown by. Happy anniversary to my best friend and my soulmate. Mine forever  @AnushkaSharma”

Celebrity Anniversaries 2018 | Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma


Anushka who took a break from all work commitments to be with Virat (who was playing for Team India) for their celebrity anniversary in Australia also took to her social media to express that one year is nothing when you’re with a “good man” and then shared a teaser of their wedding video shot by the renowned Wedding Filmer. 



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