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10 Rules To Abide By For Your Bridal Trousseau Shopping
10 Rules To Abide By For Your Bridal Trousseau Shopping
22 nd Dec 2017

Let’s face it, no woman on the planet will ever complain about having to shop as a requirement! It’s the stuff of daydreams for shopaholics everywhere. And when you get free reign to indulge because you’re about to get married, there is no better feeling in the world. If you’ve already been a bride you know that the truth is rather different from those fantasies. Bridal trousseau shopping can be an unbelievably exciting prospect at the start but can soon become a daunting task if you start to spiral from all the constant decision-making.

Just like planning your wedding, shopping for your trousseau requires some basic planning and smart execution. Follow these rules to ensure that you don’t end up blowing your hard earned coins on a bunch of stuff that’s going sit at the bottom of your closet while you wonder why you still have nothing to wear!

1. Lists Are Your New Besties

Excel sheets, iPhone notes, organiser apps or good old bound paper planners, pick your list making poison and stick with it. You might think you have the memory and processing power of the latest microchip but you’ll seriously question your abilities when you’ve made your 238476th trip to the shops and forgotten yet another small item like matching mirror work juttis. Lists are mandatory bridal trousseau planning tools that will jog your over tired memory and keep you sane. Nothing is too small to be added to a list. Don’t be afraid to make your lists as detailed and immaculate as the embroidery on your lehenga.

Bridal Trousseau Shopping | Rule 1

Make Lists Of Everything

2. Use Your Social Media Stalking Skills For A Different Purpose

You’ve said goodbye to the single life but that doesn’t mean you can’t harness your social media stalking skills from those days albeit for a very different purpose. Don your social media ninja warrior costume once again but this time to research everything from styling ideas to designer collections to online deals and discounts. Screen shot the hell out of everything and organise it all in (you got it!) LISTS and folders.

Bridal Trousseau Shopping | Rule 2

Social Media Resources

3. Budget Your Money And Your Time

If you thought we’re suggesting cyber stalking for no good reason then this rule should give you clues as to why we are encouraging online sleuthing. All that legwork will help you to efficiently edit your choices. You don’t want your wedding to take over your whole life and you certainly don’t want to rack up bills you will be paying off for years later. It might seem like your life will be over if you don’t spend that ridiculous amount on that perfect gorgeous sangeet outfit but you’ll survive. Even if you’re armed with dad’s credit card and are considering cutting back to 3-4 hours of sleep. Be smart with your time and money as they’re both limited.

Bridal Trousseau Shopping | Rule 3

Balance Time & Money

4. Dress For Style And Comfort When Out And About

Chances are that you will tow the line when it comes to spending but you won’t care about the advice about proper sleep. With so much going on, you don’t need to further stress out your sleep-deprived mind with the added discomfort of trendy but impractical clothes. When you know you will spend a long time walking around keep your sartorial choices simple. Leave the high heels and dangerously low cut tops at home and go for flats and a well-fitted pair of jeans with basic tees instead.

Bridal Trousseau Shopping | Rule 4

Tiara Blue Button Down Shirt by Imaima

Pigment Green Peplum Top by Swatee Singh

Orange And Black Peplum Top by Swatee Singh

Embroidered Camisole Top by Jayati Goenka

5. You’re Not Going To Be The Bride Forever

In all that wedding daze, it’s easy forget that it will all be over one day. You might have become accustomed to picking items as the bride-to-be but remember to invest in non-bridal pieces as well. You will need things to wear and accessorize with for other people’s weddings, smaller religious ceremonies and even chilled out house parties. Infact, barring your actual wedding outfits you should be buying dressed down versions of everything else.

Bridal Trousseau Shopping | Rule 5

The Panrha Saree by Anita Dongre

Peter Pan Blouse With French Knots Orange Skirt by Sonam Jain

The Atika Suit by Anita Dongre

6. Not Everything Needs To Be Brand New

Don’t forget that you already have a closet full of yummylicious things that have served you well until now. You’re not going to suddenly start dressing like a different person and neither is your style going to evolve overnight. There is nothing wrong with including some of your much-loved favourites into your bridal trousseau. Also let’s not overlook family heirlooms like your mom or grandmom’s sarees and their treasured jewellery that they would like to pass onto you.

Bridal Trousseau Shopping | Rule 7

Don’t Overlook Family Heirlooms

7. Classics Are Classics For A Reason

Trends will change every season so a bridal trousseau built heavily with too many currently fashionable pieces is definitely a disaster in the making. You run the risk of quickly finding yourself with an outdated wardrobe and not much spare cash to buy anything new. Invest in classics like georgette and silk sarees, elegantly embroidered kurta suits and printed dresses that are timeless.

Bridal Trousseau Shopping | Rule 7

Embroidered Half Saree With Banarasi Silk Pleats By Pooja Khokha Arora

Yellow Busy Floral Dress by trueBrowns

The Nesayem Suit by Anita Dongre

Black And Pink Border Dress With Pink Dupatta by trueBrowns

8. Too Many Cooks Will Spoil The Broth

You might adore the idea of every single person ohhing and ahhing at every outfit you wear but remember it’s impossible to please everyone. Each person has their own unique style sensibility and while you might aim to please, be realistic about your expectations. Don’t invite every woman you’ve come in contact with since birth on your bridal trousseau shopping spree. Not only will the coordination wreck havoc on your already over-crammed schedule but it will also be a complete nightmare with so many opinions flying around. Shop with a maximum of 2 people whose taste matches yours or whose aesthetic you admire so you will respect and welcome their guidance.

Bridal Trousseau Shopping | Rule 8

Avoid Inviting Too Many Ladies When Shopping

9. Pencil In Some Down Time

It’s important to remember that the bridal trousseau is a very small part of an immensely larger picture. Don’t get so worked up and carried away in all the planning that your start to lose yourself in the process. Keep a weekend in between few manic weeks to breath easy and regain perspective.

Bridal Trousseau Shopping | Rule 9

Take Time To Unwind

10. It’s Not Cheap To Shop The Sales Or Ask For Discounts

You will be spending vast sums of money for the entire wedding so there is no shame in wanting to stretch those purse strings a little further. Scour the Internet for deals on the things on your wishlist and shop the sales for better bargains. Don’t shy away from asking for discounts at boutiques that do customisations. You never know where you can save a few bucks, it’s just a matter of requesting politely.

Bridal Trousseau Shopping | Rule 10

Make The Most Of Deals & Discounts



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