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10 Cliché Wedding Decor Ideas That Are Totally Over
10 Cliché Wedding Decor Ideas That Are Totally Over
02 nd Jan 2019

Many single girls (and some guys) spend a considerable amount of time thinking of their perfect wedding. Some make plans with their friends while attending other nuptials, some daydream about their big day to make the time go by at a particularly boring meeting, some sketch and doodle and some social media savvy ladies load up their photo galleries with Pinterest boards and other inspirations. The planning and musing is even more pronounced if there a significant relationship with a certain amount of time involved. Infact wedding planning might be a favourite couple past time for those who are engaged.

But why are we counting the number of ways single people envision their happily ever after? Especially in an article with a title related to wedding décor? Well it turns out that the longer anyone has been planning their own wedding in their head without having gotten married, the greater their chances of stacking up all those ideas including potential décor themes. Much like those dusty files in that forgotten office cabinet at the back of the storeroom, saved up ideas that have spent too long in your phone or laptop also start to become useless and dated.

Sure, your sister’s wedding in 2010 must have been simply magical with its boho chic vibe and pastel accents but all décor ideas certainly have a shelf life. The biggest clue for you to table certain much loved notions of wedding décor will be when you start seeing the idea at every single wedding. Nothing makes a novelty lose it charm as quickly as repetition and overuse. The next will be anything that just looks and feels out of place for the time at which you’re actually getting married.

Totally confused yet? We get it. Not everyone is a pro at setting up an ambiance or making an entrance. Just because you’ve got the bride-to-be or groom-to-be tag doesn’t mean you’re automatically qualified or even able to execute a flawless and stylish wedding. Worse still, you might encounter vendors who would love nothing more than to rehash and redo what they’ve done for 5737292 other weddings and get paid for the minimal effort. As always we got you on this too and have compiled a succinct list of 10 wedding décor ideas that you might want to consider revamping or side stepping altogether.

1. Boring Welcome Signs

Doesn’t matter how creative you think you’re being or what kind of a savant with words your decorator imagines himself or herself to be, the welcome sign is just plain blah! Firstly you don’t need it at all because obviously your guests are welcome otherwise you wouldn’t invite them. And more importantly you don’t need the unnecessary forced formality.

Cliche Wedding Decor | Boring Welcome Signs

An Example Of A Dated Welcome Sign

2. Sappy Quotes On Signage

Close on the heels of cringe-worthy welcome signs are super cheesy quotes directing or informing people about things like keepsakes, food booths and other wedding events. It was cute 5 years ago but after seeing those overly loved up quotes everywhere, it’s just eye-roll inducing now. If you must have something a little extra with the boards then think quirky, colourful and witty instead.

Cliche Wedding Decor | Sappy Quotes

An Example Of Corny Quotes On Wedding Signage

3. DIY Chalkboards

You’ve no doubt seen these laidback hippy style chalkboards at atleast a dozen weddings. While they’re certainly convenient and cost-effective, they’re also done to death now. Not to mention the very back to school vibe of it all and not in a good way.

Cliche Wedding Decor | DIY Chalboards

An Example Of A DIY Chalk Boards

4. Orange & Yellow Marigold Flowers

There is nothing more quintessentially Indian (and budget friendly) as bright marigold flowers everywhere. The stunning appeal isn’t lost on us one bit but in the interest of keeping things fresh and modern it would be best to use these sparingly and mixed in with other flowers. You’ll get the same ethnic vibe without the antiquated feel.

Cliche Wedding Decor | Marigold Flowers

An Example Of Overused Marigold Flower Décor

5. Mason Jars Everywhere

Another hack that was simply beautiful and oh-so-rustic back in its prime but has certainly lost its charm now. Way too many weddings have had way too many mason jars in all shapes and sizes used in innumerable ways. Best to brainstorm and consider a substitute cause these will no longer have the intended effect.

Cliche Wedding Decor | Mason Jars

An Example Of Mason Jars Everywhere

6. Flower Walls

It might be impossible to completely avoid flower walls at a wedding but with so many cool and interesting design elements available these days, there is just no excuse for those massive monstrosities of the past. By all means go ahead with flower walls as backdrops, sectionals or photo booths but give them an upgrade with a little something exciting like unique props.

Cliche Wedding Decor | Flower Walls

An Example Of A Massive Old School Flower Walls

7. Hanging Frames

Even the most anti-social wedding guest has witnessed these hanging photo frames atleast a couple of times. The décor element was the hack of the century in the early 2000s but after a near 2 decade run, it’s really time to retire these empty shells.

Cliche Wedding Decor | Hanging Frames

An Example Of A Hanging Photo Frame Already Seen At Many Weddings

8. Corny Photo Props

Look back at some cocktail photos from 5 plus years ago and you’ll definitely find yourself and your crew holding up plastic moustaches, bright fur stoles, massive plastic glasses, funny shaped hats, tags with words like ‘drama queen’ or ‘you’re next’ and many other similarly cute but really really overdone props. Ideate better ways for superb group shots without the need for an overload of corniness.

Cliche Wedding Decor | Corny Photo Props

An Example Of Dated Photo Props

9. Bicycle Photobooths

The decorated bicycle had become such a staple of wedding décor that it was nearly impossible to attend a wedding without bumping into one. The vintage Bollywood feels on these are on-point but a different style of execution is the need of the hour.

Cliche Wedding Decor | Bicycle Decor

An Example Of A Boring Decorated Bicycle

10. Decorated Bird Cages

Bird Cages became a substitute for mason jars especially when used as centrepieces on tables and hanging from different heights. Whether you’re using candles, faux birds, flowers, vintage toys or something else inside, the fact remains that the decorated bird cage is a wedding décor trend that needs to be set free in favour of something more original.

An Example Of An Overdone Decorated Bird Cage

An Example Of An Overdone Decorated Bird Cage


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