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The 10 Big NO-NOs To Follow 1 Week Before Your Wedding
The 10 Big NO-NOs To Follow 1 Week Before Your Wedding
31 st Jul 2018

When you’ve made it through months or weeks of hardcore planning and preparations for your big day, the home stretch might go in one of two extremes. You’ll either be working even harder to take care of all those last minute deets or everything will be set to go and you might be looking forward to putting your feet up and relaxing a bit. Where you fall on that spectrum will depend largely on your ability to plan ahead and execute within certain time frames. Obviously it will also depend on working with people who work accordingly and don’t leave you hanging till the last minute. Whatever the case there are some limitations that you should try to put on yourself (and preferably your partner) to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy the actual wedding day.

If you’re thinking that you soooo don’t have the time for yet another list of things then don’t stress. This list is perfectly suited to both disciplined planners and last minute runners. It doesn’t require any additional planning and neither does it warrant any extra efforts. Think of it as a common sense checklist that might otherwise be blatantly obvious to anyone who isn’t sucked up in the whirlwind of wedding planning. These pointers will help you make a smoother transition into the blissful stage of being bride and groom rather than two individuals preparing feverishly for an event.

1. Not Making Time For Your Partner

It’s nearly impossible for any couple to make it through wedding planning without arguing over the particulars of everything from the venue to the colour of your outfits. Add to that the stress of elders in large Indian families unloading their expectations and doling out often-unnecessary advice making it the ideal breeding ground for conflict. The environment is enough to make even the most loved up couples want to butt heads. It’s also easy to stop seeing beyond and wedding and towards the life you both want with each other. Take a night or a few hours off to go on a date like when you first met. Spend time solely with each other and try not to discuss anything wedding related. Talk openly about your expectations from your new life and make exciting plans for your future. If you both are long distance then pencil in a long video chat session without any interruptions.

10 Donts | Not Making Time For Your Partner

Leave Wedding Arguments Behind & Spend Quality Time With Each OTher

2. Having A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

A pre-wedding photo shoot has become so mainstream that it’s almost become like another event in the wedding festivities. Most couples have one because it’s the norm rather than actually wanting beautiful pictures of themselves. Or there might be those who are super pumped about the shoot but can’t find the time in their packed routines. Don’t treat the pre-wedding photoshoot as a tick mark on your wedding chore list and do it just before the final day. The added strain of posing for pictures while you have loads of other things that need your attention will definitely show up in the final images. Remember that you want these pictures as lifelong memories so don’t cram them in as an after thought.

10 Donts | Have A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Don’t Schedule A Last Minute Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

3. Not Breaking Up With Social Media

You might not even find the time to post or you might be a total addict whose snapchatting from your outfit fittings. Realize that your social media will go into overdrive during and after the wedding. Friends and family will be relentlessly tagging you during the proceedings. Give your social media a breather for a few days so as not to be THAT obsessive couple. Also give your Pinterest boards some much-needed rest because it’s going to be too late to change or add anything to your wedding. Trust that you made the best choices and don’t fret over wanting each and every drool-worthy wedding detail. The extra pressure will drive you and your vendors crazy, with the result being something completely disastrous.

10 Donts | Break Up With Social Media

Take A Break From All Social Media

4. Pull All Nighters

It might be tempting to finish up a lot of pending work projects before taking a break or to go over each and every wedding detail constantly. Worse still, you might have people visiting who will want to socialize into the wee hours of the night. Finish all work-related responsibilities and then trust that your work mates and boss will understand you being MIA for a few days. Becoming consumed by the wedding details is not going to ensure nothing goes wrong that day so stop yourself from wasting time. It might be harder to shrug off people who really want to catch up with you so make plans that don’t involve too many late nights. Try to consolidate similar groups so you can meet more people at once and have extra time to catch some ZZZs.

10 Donts | Pulling All Nighters

Ensure You Get Your Beauty Sleep

5. Overloading On The Junk Food

With too many parties and dinners comes the risk of yummy food that’s probably not the best idea when you need to be functioning at optimum capacity. It will be impossible to resist all the scrumptious spreads but restrict yourself as much as possible. Not only will all the sugar and salt laden foods cause nasty bloating and water retention but it will also sap you of precious energy. You definitely do not want to gain a few and risk not fitting into that luscious wedding day outfit. Neither do you want your face to look haggard in pictures because junk food can be extremely dehydrating.

10 Donts | Overloading On Junk Food

Avoid Overly Salty Foods & Sugary Treats

6. And On Alcohol & Caffeine

Speaking of dehydration, nothing sucks moisture out of the body more than alcohol and caffeine. You might be tempted to keep going by guzzling tons of coffee, red bull and other energy boosters. Alternatively you might want to keep the party spirit up with one too many alcoholic drinks. The issues with alcohol and caffeine as well as crappy food are the same. Bloating, water retention, sluggishness, deprived energy, saggy skin and lacklustre hair are all certain side effects of binge drinking and over consuming caffeine. You didn’t spend all that time and money at the gym and in salons to look less than perfect on D-day just because you couldn’t keep your hands off the drinks.

10 Donts | No Coffee & Alcohol

Restrict Your Intake Of Alcohol & Caffeine

7. Experimenting With A New Diet Or Workout

If partaking too much is an issue then going on calorie restrictive diets and extreme workout regimens isn’t great either. Don’t decide that you need to drop a few for the wedding and go on a fad diet or take your first ever Crossfit class in the last 1-week. The same goes for starvation tactics like juice cleanses and skipping meals. You’ll shock your body and immunity, increasing the risk of falling seriously ill if you don’t eat nutritious meals. Also a rather intense workout will leave you with sore muscles and a very real chance of an injury.

10 Donts | Experiment With Dieting & Working out

Avoid Quick Fix Fad Diets & Extreme Workouts

8. Attempting A New Beauty Or Skincare Routine

Unless it’s something you have been doing for years, don’t leave any treatments until the last minute. Especially if you’re trying out a new hair dresser, hair colour, tanning salon, facial, chemical peel or any new products. We don’t need to tell you about the horrors of bad haircuts or reactions from ingredients in skincare. Both skin and hair cannot be changed overnight so even if you try remedial procedures they’re not likely to work in time for the wedding.

10 Donts | Don't Try Any New Beauty Treatments

Don’t Try Any New Beauty Procedures

9. Bottling Up Your Feelings

Mental health is often forgotten when we are so busy taking care of our physical self. If you have some very grave reservations about your partner, his or her family or just plain old frustration, it’s best not to hold it all in. It’s also easy to feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety and feelings of depression for the life you’re leaving behind. Speak to a close friend, family member or even a professional if you feel like you can’t handle it all. Ignoring all those feelings under the assumption that they will go away is a recipe to ruin your wedding and possibly your future.

10 Donts | Bottling Up Your Feelings

Don’t Ignore Your Feelings

10. Not Asking For Help Or Delegating Responsibilities

You might feel like you have to do it all and refuse to ask anyone to help even if you’re drowning. Understand that your friends and family are always willing to pitch in so don’t be afraid to reach out to them. If someone is unreliable or reluctant then assign the task to someone else before taking it on yourself. You might feel like no one can get things done exactly the way you want them but if you’re specific you’ll be surprised at how quickly people catch on. If you absolutely cannot relinquish control then supervise rather than micromanage everything.

10 Donts | Not Asking For Help & Delegating

Don’t Try To Do Everything Yourself



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