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Indian Wedding Colours 101 - What to Wear and What to Avoid

Indian Wedding Colours 101 - What to Wear...

The wedding season is almost upon us and as the bride-to-be, one of the family members or even the guest, it is about time that you start shopping for Indian wedding clothes. Goes without saying that...

6 Nov 2016
The Ultimate Indian Wedding Accessories Checklist-Indian Weddings

The Ultimate Indian Wedding Accessories...

They say, accessories are like vitamins - you can’t do without them and you should supplement your style liberally with them. In fact, aside from your clothes, it is your choice of accessories that...

10 Nov 2016
Indian Fashion Blog - The Economical Indian Wedding

7 Tips for an Indian Wedding on a Budget

A wedding is something that everyone dreams about from a very young age. Everyone plans their wedding with so much effort, but with so many different types of expenses - sometimes, it is difficult to...

6 Nov 2016
Indian Bridal Wear Trends of 2016-Indian Weddings

Indian Bridal Wear Trends of 2016

From tasteful, elegant outfits to bold and vibrant ensembles, Indian bridal wear styles are as diverse as the people of the country. Whether you want to keep your Indian bridal clothes low-key or go...

8 Nov 2016
Five Unique Indian Wedding Ideas That Will Blow You Away | Unique Indian Wedding Ideas

Five Unique Indian Wedding Ideas That Will...

When it’s time to finally kiss singledom goodbye, most couples get rather antsy about making their wedding as memorable as possible for themselves and all their guests. This maybe true of all...

12 Nov 2016