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What You Should Know About These Indian Fashion Designers
06 th Mar 2015

Lakme Fashion Week 2015 is finally arrived and we cannot be more excited!

While waiting for the big event, we were searching for some information about our favourite designers and it was really hard to find even the most basic details at once place - so, we came up with this infographic to help give some information about six selected Indian fashion designers.

There are obviously numerous Indian fashion designers, and different people are thought of for different things, however these are the ones that caught our attention the most in the recent past.

Everybody knows that in India most of the fashion designers showcase at least in one of the two main events: Lakme Fashion Week or Wills Lifestyle Fashion (which has just become Amazon India Fashion Week).

While during the Lakme Fashion Week of March 2015 we will see the Summer/Resort collection, during the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week 2014 in October of 2014, the Spring/Summer colletions were presented.

Which show to participate in depends on numerous reasons, but the one designer who we thought enjoys both the fashion shows, and does not miss either, is the queen of Indian fashion designers - Anita Dongre.

The infographic shows which of the events the designers participated in and provides some background information about the designer also.

What you should know about these Indian fashion Designers | Infographic


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