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What Is Bollywood?| Bollywood for Newbies
What is Bollywood? Find Out in Our Bollywood Guide for Newbies
30 th Jul 2016

If you haven’t been living under a rock, on a different planet, lost at sea, without an Internet connection, or in some other state of total isolation from the human race, then you’ve probably heard the term ‘Bollywood’ atleast once or twice. 

If it left you dumbfounded and curious then you’re on the right track to clearing up those doubts. If you’re a Bolly maniac who finds it impossible to stop reading anything Bollywood related then you’re in for a comical ride as we attempt to explain ‘What is Bollywood?’ to the uninitiated.  

In an effort to make this a hilarious read for those who already know everything and more about Bollywood we have included replies that are most likely to appeal to our beloved Bolly maniacs.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

What Does Bollywood Mean?

For Newbies: Bollywood is the word coined by India’s Hindi movie industry. Most people tend to forget that the entire Indian film making fraternity also caters to movies made in other regional languages because movies made in the national language (Hindi) are the most popular.

For Maniacs: Salman Khan! Shahrukh Khan! Aamir Khan! And sometimes something other than a Khan….sigh!

Bollywood Khans | What Is Bollywood?

Okay….How about some specifics?

Where is Bollywood?

For Newbies: Unlike Hollywood, which is an actual neighbourhood in Los Angeles, California, Bollywood is only a term used to describe the Hindi film making community.  It could be argued that Bollywood is in the city of Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, since most of the actors, directors, producers, production houses and studios are located in the city.

For Maniacs: It’s in my heart, in my mind and in everything I do. You don’t look for Bollywood, it finds you and then it’s everywhere.

Bombay Bollywood | What Is Bollywood?

Alright alright….so then

Why is it called Bollywood?

For Newbies: As one of the largest movie industries in the world after Hollywood and the fact that it was mostly centred around the city of Bombay, the Hindi movie industry was fondly referred to as Bollywood by the local media and the term has caught on internationally as well.

For Maniacs: Because if Bhai says its Bollywood….then its Bollywood! Also we didn’t copy anything from Hollywood, it was just an inspiration! Obviously!

So now that we know the terminology….lets talk history.

When did Bollywood start?

For Newbies: A silent feature called Raja Harishchandra by Dadasaheb Phalke was the first ever Bollywood movie to be screened way back in 1913. Just like Hollywood where films were silent to begin with, Bollywood also moved to ‘talkies’ in the 1930s.

For Maniacs: Bollywood was born with the birth of its first true superstar – Raj Kapoor. #meranaamjokerforever!

Bollywood First Movie | What Is Bollywood?

Got it… lets get to it.

What is a Bollywood movie?

For Newbies: Bollywood movies are like any other movie except that most of them are musicals. Bollywood movie music accounts for a large portion of the movie’s profits through record sales and licenses for music to be played in commercial venues like bars and clubs. Bollywood movies these days cover every genre from comedy to horror but songs are still an integral part of every movie.

For Maniacs: Action-Romance-Drama-Melodrama-Song-Dance-Sadness that the movie is over. Book tickets for another feature before the first ends.

Bollywood Movie | What Is Bollywood?

Alright so with all that music….is there dancing?

What is Bollywood dancing?

For Newbies: Bollywood dancing is a western term coined to describe the mish mash of dancing styles usually depicted in Bollywood movie songs. It includes everything from the regional bhangra to latin salsa all packed into a choreographed 3-4 minute sequence, which is also the length of an average Bollywood movie song. Bollywood dancing has also become a form of exercise for many who enjoy the beats to get their heart pumping and feet tapping.

For Maniacs: ME at the desi clubs every Saturday night, killing it on the dance floor with my crew. Bring on the hip thrusts, shimmys and head shakes!

Bollywood Songs | What Is Bollywood?

Ok I get the gist….now lets talk fashion.

What is Bollywood fashion?

For Newbies: Bollywood often dictates fashion trends in India for both men and women. It’s not uncommon for a particular designer’s collection or an outfit from a high street store to sell out because a Bollywood starlet wore the garment in a blockbuster movie or to an important event. Bollywood movies set in current times are accurate indicators of the way people in India are dressing. Ethnic as well as contemporary ensembles are showcased in every Bollywood movie and they closely mirror international fashion trends.

For Maniacs: Deepika Padukone's wardrobe at the IIFA Awards still has me drooling. Time to copy her every outfit.

Bollywood Deepika Padukone | What Is Bollywood?

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