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Weird and Wonderful Fashion Week Facts
10 th Oct 2015

Fashion weeks have become the landmark events of the fashion industry and are the key indicator of what the upcoming season’s trends will be.

With the four main fashion weeks (New York, London, Milan and Paris) having just finished and Amazon India Fashion Week having just began we are bringing you ten interesting, weird and wonderful fashion week related facts.


1. The inaugural fashion week was the New York Fashion Week (initially know as 'press week'), which was established by Elenor Lamber in 1943 so that American designers would have the opportunity to showcase their work to the public. This also meant that New York was put on the fashion map alongside Paris.

2. 40 fashion weeks are now held around the world, making them a truly important global event.

3. Each fashion week around the world follows a very similar format of catwalk shows, presentations, designer showcases, charity events and gala dinners.

4. Initially, fashion weeks were viewed as trade shows specifically designed to allows designers to showcase their work to interested buyers and manufacturers. Over the years however fashion weeks have increased in size around the world and are now seen as glamorous entertainment and media events, with many celebrities not only walking the runway, but also occupying the front rows.

5. There is so much hype and frenzy around the catwalks shows, with many trying to guess which famous faces will appear, what extravagant clothes may be displayed or which accidents may occur. The average running time of a fashion show though is only about 10 – 20 minutes. The waiting time however can sometimes be as long as two hours, as some shows play to the phrase ‘fashionably late’.

6. Social media has altered the experience and cache of fashion weeks around the world with designers and brands being acutely aware that they need to cater towards the social media market and curate their own social strategies to be able to grab headlines and be accessible to customers.

7. In 2010, the opening day of Amazon Indian Fashion Week had to be cancelled because it was found that some imperative fire permits had still not been secured. This meant that an extra day had to be added at the end of the week to accommodate the presentations that had to be cancelled on the first day.

8. Due to the delayed start, the sixth additional day was named the ‘Grand Fashion Day’.

9. Bizarrely, designer Rajesh Pratap Singh who had the extremely important and esteemed job of closing Amazon India Fashion Week actually showcased his ‘Grand Finale’ on the penultimate day. Additionally, the customary end of fashion week drinks, were being served to guests.

10. This year Amazon London Fashion Week has lowered their intake of designers to 115.

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