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The Trendiest Honeymoon Destinations For The Modern Indian Couple
The Trendiest Honeymoon Destinations For The Modern Indian Couple
04 th May 2018

Move over scenic long drives, candlelit dinners, package tours and run-of-the-mill honeymoon destinations. These things might have worked for your parents but young Indians no longer subscribe to the same ideas of honeymoon romance. It shouldn’t be surprising because if the ways that modern Indian couples meet, interact, get married and live have changed then why should their honeymoons be the same old boring routine?

It’s extremely common for young couples especially from urban and forward thinking families to date for several years before tying the knot. Even those, whose parents don’t approve of romantic entanglements before marriage, might date in secret for long periods before making things official. Quite a few amongst this number even take trips together before becoming man and wife so it’s safe to assume that the ‘honeymoon’ in its actual sense might be over long before the approved one comes along.

Even in the very Indian scenario of an arranged marriage, parents only go as far as introducing the youngsters then let them take things forward by allowing them a few months to get to know each other. The possibility of couple trips is a little slim but chaperoned short visits are encouraged to allow the couple to understand each other’s sensibilities before making a decision.

Obviously both these scenarios are specific to modern Indian couples who are much more western in their outlook towards many things like romantic relationships. The difference in ideals becomes even more apparent when these couples plan for big life events like weddings, honeymoons and babies. They don’t want to shun tradition altogether but would also like an upgrade to some ceremonies and rituals that are archaic and redundant.

Honeymoons to them are not just to get to know each other because that bit is pretty much covered during their courtship. They want to explore and experience a myriad of things together and create lifelong memories. Depending on their own personalities, interests and budgets, they’re looking for all encompassing destinations that give them the best of everything. A little dreamy gazing into each other’s eyes isn’t completely ruled out but that’s certainly not the only thing on the itinerary.

If you find yourself in a similar conundrum while you sit with an open world map trying to figure out where your honey and you should head for your first major holiday as Mr. & Mrs. Here are a few truly offbeat destinations to suit any and every travel palette.


If you both work long hours with endless emails, conference calls, messages and so on then going completely off the grid will sound like a heavenly break. One could argue that simply switching off your devices and not getting numbers at your honeymoon destination can achieve being disconnected but we’re talking about a quantum leap back into the past here. Head to the non-commercial and supremely historic land of Cambodia. Don’t be fooled by it’s reputation as a backpacker haven because this South East Asian gem of a country has plenty of luxurious hotels and resorts on offer for a fraction of the cost of more popular Thailand or Philippines.

This country is a must do for history and archaeology buffs who can’t get enough of ancient ruins and mysteries. The world famous Angkor Wat temple is just one marvellous example of an entire complex of the earliest forms of Hindu and Buddhist temples in Siam Reap. Another one being the extremely well known Tomb Raider Temple known locally as Ta Phrom. After you’ve had your fill of pre-historic architecture and philosophies you can head to the capital Phnom Penh for a city break including less famous killing fields and concentration camps then finish off on the serene shores of the beach town Sihanoukville.

Honeymoon Destinations | Cambodia 1

Angkor Wat Temple In Siem Reap

Honeymoon Destinations | Cambodia 2

Tomb Raider Temple Ta Phrom

Honeymoon Destinations | Cambodia 3

The Idyllic Beach At Sihanoukville


If history and culture is all great but you both don’t want complete isolation then nothing beats the brilliant vibe of Russia. The controversial country has a rich and vibrant past that veers on the disturbing and shocking at times but that’s what makes it truly exceptional. From cold war bunkers to pulsating parties, Russia is the honeymoon destination for modern Indian couples who want a bit of everything.

Take in the natural wonders of the harsh and rugged Russian countryside, marvel at the stunning gothic style buildings in cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow then party the night away at one of the many clubs. If you both are avid football fans or if it’s just him then make it a double whammy by taking in a game or two during this year’s FIFA World Cup happening in the country.

Honeymoon Destinations | Russia 1

The Kremlin In St. Petersburg

Honeymoon Destinations | Russia 2

Bunker 42 In Moscow

Honeymoon Destinations | Russia 3

FIFA World Cup Russia


If you both are extremely outdoorsy and cannot imagine spending your honeymoon cooped up in a stuffy city then the adrenaline fuelled activities of Iceland are sure to leave your gasping for more. As more and more modern Indian couples completely redefine the romantic honeymoon, taking adventure holidays has become trendy and rather cool. So what better way to get your heart pumping than by partaking in some truly novel experiences?

If you both always dreamed of kissing under the illusive Northern Lights but found the prices for the Scandinavian experiences totally exorbitant then Iceland is the answer to those money woes. There is a lot of aurora borealis activity in the vast country and plenty of tours to help you chase the lights. But in the end it’s all about luck so you would be smart not to pin all your honeymoon luck on catching the lights. You can also explore mystical ice caves, black sand beaches, volcanic hot springs and even go on glacier walks and snow mobile rides. When you’ve had your fill of all the physical activity take a relaxing dip in the thermal pools at the Blue Lagoon Spa.

Honeymoon Destinations | Iceland 1

The Northern Lights In Iceland

Honeymoon Destinations | Iceland 2

The Eerie Ice Caves

Honeymoon Destinations | Iceland 3

The Blue Lagoon Spa


The tiny European country has seen a sudden boom in millions of tourists flocking there thanks to the iconic Game Of Thrones series. The medieval cities and breath-taking landscapes have become the backdrop of many imaginary places on the fantasy drama. However the ex-soviet controlled country has so much more to offer thanks to its own distinctive history, culture and culinary practices. Not to mention some of the best parties across the globe. For the modern Indian couple who want to totally live it up there is nothing that can’t be done in Croatia.

The walled city of Dubrovnik will be overrun with GoT fans but is simply beautiful regardless of being the setting for Kings Landing. Towns like Zadar and Split are for the beach bums who can spend hours baking in the sun and jumping into the crystal clear waters to cool off. If some sea lovin’ is on the agenda then there is nothing like the insane energy of The Yacht Week where you both can spend an entire week sailing the high seas on luxury yachts and making friends from all over the world. If you still can’t get enough of the water then head down to the spotless Krka Falls where you can swim under the natural waterfalls. Lastly don’t forget to take a long walk around the Plitvice Falls for some truly unique natural formations.

Honeymoon Destinations | Croatia 1

The Walls Of Dubrovnik

Honeymoon Destinations | Croatia 2

The Refreshing Krka Waterfalls

Honeymoon Destinations | Croatia 3

The Yacht Week Circle Boat Party


For modern Indian couples that really want to go all out there is nothing more exotic than the South and Latin American country of Brazil. Depending on where you’re flying in from, the tickets will be pricey so if you both can afford the time and money, it’s best to combine 1-2 other countries to make the most of being in that part of the world. If you’re short on both holiday time and funding then Brazil has plenty to offer for any number of vacation days.

It goes without saying that you must make it to Brazil during carnival, probably the biggest party on the planet. Yes, everything is eye wateringly expensive but with forward planning you can easily save a few pennies. The revelry is well worth the extra effort and nothing beats the pleasure of salsa dancing with your partner on the colourful streets. For some down time there is plenty in Rio like the mesmerising views of Christ The Redeemer and other cultural hot spots. It’s not all about the massive cities because Brazil is also one of the few places in the world where you can experience a cruise into the dense Amazon rainforest for a totally wild adventure. You can even live in one of the luxe hotels around the region for an utterly unique experience.

Honeymoon Destinations | Brazil 1

The Elaborate Costumes During Carnival

Honeymoon Destinations | Brazil 2

The Christ The Redeemer Statue In Rio

Honeymoon Destinations | Brazil 3

A Walk Through The Amazon Rainforest



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