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Shopping for Wedding Sarees Online | Indian Designer Sarees
Shopping for Wedding Sarees Online
14 th Aug 2014


With the advent of e-commerce, shopping has not been the same anymore. It not just saves time and trouble but also gives you a fantastic opportunity to buy things that are perhaps not available in your part of the city. Early adapters who started with buying books online are now perhaps buying even their clothes and groceries from the comfort of their home. But many still regard shopping for clothes online with some scepticism, especially expensive clothes like wedding sarees or other Indian wedding clothing.

Wedding shopping is by no means an easy job. The first hurdle is to find an outlet that sells exquisite Indian wedding clothing that matches your taste. Next is to find the time to visit the outlet to pick out your wedding saree or other Indian wedding clothing. Add to it the confusion caused by the coterie that accompanies you. By the time you select one saree, you are out of patience and energy. Multiply that by the number of sarees that you would need for the different ceremonies during the wedding and we are sure you are going to throw your hands up in frustration. This is where the ease of shopping for wedding sarees online comes to picture.

When you shop online for wedding sarees, the biggest plus is the time that you save. If you are seeking exclusive designer wear, then chances are that you might have to travel to a different city in order to get to a particular boutique. Don’t you think it will be a boon to save all that time? We know you are thinking. What about the fit of the blouse and checking whether the outfit complements your skin tone and body? What about touch and feel while buying expensive Indian wedding clothing? At Strand of Silk, we have given these issues a thought and have come up with a simple solution.

We offer you contemporary designer wear with excellent craftsmanship and exquisite designs. We offer a wide range of wedding sarees and lehengas in a variety of materials like brocade, silk, chiffon and georgette. The beauty about shopping online for Indian wedding sarees or lehengas at Strand of Silk is that we give you an option to get the outfit “Made for you”. You can buy a particular wedding saree or lehenga online and get it customised to suit your taste. Maybe choose a different colour, embellishments or fit.  You will have a team assigned to you that will guide you through the process of measurement and the possibilities for customisation so that you can have the dress actually made to fit you. Once you have discussed your needs and measurements with the team, we get to work on your outfit.

If you are not really sure about investing so much on an outfit that you have not seen or felt, we offer you a unique service called “Experience the Dress”, where you can touch, feel and wear the dress to check how it looks on you. The wedding saree or lehenga is delivered to your doorstep and you can actually try the dress and show it off to friends and family. Once you have tried it on, you can keep the same outfit if it fits you like a dream or can return it to us and get a customised version of the same to suit your taste and fit.

Whatever option you choose, we have a great delivery system that ensures timely and efficient delivery and one return for alterations. What’s more, the alterations are free of charge! Not just this, the team member who handles your order will be there to guide you through the entire purchase and customisation process and also give you styling assistance.

With so many advantages to it, we don’t know what is stopping you from shopping for your wedding sarees or other Indian wedding clothing online. Try it once and we guarantee you a memorable experience. 


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