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SAREES THROUGH TIME - Stylish Thoughts
23 rd Apr 2012

Traditional to modern the Saree has travelled a long and winding way. Being an attire of reason to going its way out of reason, this piece of cloth has seen a long route. As these images say more than a thousand words about the way sarees were inculcated as clothing throughout the generations past, we but lay out a few essentials here.

The notable few essentials in the past we see are the fabric, fall and drape, the style of draping, the structure created, and the rigidity in terms of the style it incorporated. Also the accessories accompanying were distinguished according to the personal wealth. The royalty displayed their abundant wealth with varieties in terms of jewellery, pearl and gold taking front stage.

Also there was a tradition of tribal women not wearing anything but a saree (without the blouse) and draped it in such a way that would not hamper their work. The simplicity or stateliness of the Saree indicated the wealth of the wearer and also the style worn indicated the work performed by them. We can see the amalgamation of western trends in the past with the coming of the British. The gown styles moulded with the Sarees with puffed sleeves for blouses and other styles approaching a fashionable stance. The Saree was even elegantly portrayed with boots by some women who sort of started the fashionable change in this simple garment.

The modern styles have taken a conspicuous turn with the Saree touching almost unimaginable lengths of design and fashion. You need to see it to believe the modern and ancient styles blending to form an out of bounds and inimitable style. Today designers are going back to the roots and drawing a vision which they drape to conform to modern needs and understanding. No one shies from trying out different and atypical forms of this amorphous medium of clothing. The Sarees are as including of the past when they take a step to the future and so the modern is a blend of the past with the present where the Saree is concerned.

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