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Karieshma Sarnaa's Fuchsia Velvet Yoke Salwar Suit
The Popular Clothing of Delhi
23 rd May 2014

India is such a vast country that each state contains different traditional costumes. Today I plan to discuss the traditional costumes of women from Delhi. Firstly its important to know that Delhi does not have a specific tradition or culture because people have migrated here from all over India and all over the world.

The wonderful diversity of Delhi is known worldwide as people have arrived in Delhi for their careers, education and business. This creates a cosmopolitan city where styles are formed through international influences. The western culture is particularly influential in this state.

The traditional women’s clothing of Delhi leans towards designer Salwar Kameez with dupattas. A very popular pattern is the Turko-Mongol or Turko-Persian pattern. These patterns are based on Persian miniature paintings of 1300 to 1620.

The designer Salwar Kameez suits that are especially popular are the ones that have unique, exquisite embroidery with expensive stones. These designer salwar kameez suits are very expensive and only bought by those women who are very wealthy, or bought as a one off for weddings or exclusive parties.

The popular women’s designers, Ritu Kumar, Neeta Lulla and Sabyasachi Mukherjee come up with unique embroidery like Zardozi, which uses gold or silver thread.

These fashion trends may change very soon as the Indian fashion designer Anita Dongre has just opened a store in New Delhi. This store will be offering the designer’s latest summer collection which includes palazzos, crop tops, playsuits and of course designer salwar kameez suits. Each of her garments is distinct and can be teamed up easily with each other. For this collection, Anita Dongre has gone for comfortable, and flattering cuts.

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