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Indian Fashion designer Vijay Balhara's designer dress with Sannam Chopra's Indian designer accessory
Our International Looks! Which do you prefer?
25 th Apr 2014

The Strand of Silk office is filled with a mixture of fun and vibrant people from different countries all over the world. For a company that specializes in Indian designer fashion we have a surprisingly multicultural team. It came to our attention this week that although we all appreciate the beauty of the Indian designer fashion on our site, we all had different preferences. Our different fashion tastes not revealed interesting facts about our personalities, but also linked back to the different cultures and environments that we grew up in.

We went round the office and asked each person for their favourite outfit with accessories from the Strand of Silk website to wear to a party. We had some very interesting and different results.

The first Indian designer fashion look (shown in the picture above) was chosen by our Spanish team member, Cristina. She chose this stunning blue dress by Vijay Balhara complemented by this pretty floral ear cuff by Sannam Chopra and the green persian motif zardozi clutch by Karieshma Sarnaa. We think that it is possible she chose this outfit because of the heat of a spanish summer. Cristina comes from Barcelona and she explains that when she goes out to parties, they are often on the beach and blue is a very popular colour amongst the young party goers.

The Italian Look

Designer Meera Mahadevia's designer dress


Our Italian team member, Giulia chose this chic look. The beautiful cream dress by Siddartha Tytler with this floral patterned cuff by Roopa Vohra and the jeweled Arandhati Clutch by Meera Mahadevia. Giulia is from Bologna and we think this elegant look reflects the stylish Italian fashion with the intricate gold bodice making the wearer look incredibly glamorous. It is both a refined and trendy look!

The British Look

Indian fashion designer Siddartha Tytler's Jumpsuit


This Indian designer fashion look was chosen by our British colleague, Georgia. Her style is typically western contemporary with the colour block jumpsuit by Siddartha Tytler which is the height of fashion along with these fun versatile reversible earrings and the maharani jind kaur bag by Meera Mahadevia. This look is glamorous and hip, ideal for a night out in London!

The Indian Look


Indian designer Anita Dongre's designer gown

This was chosen by one of our Indian colleagues, Shreya. This is a timeless and elegant gown by Anita Dongre. She stated that she chose it because she loved the intricate golden embroidery as it showed the exquisite Indian craftsmanship in a stylish, contemporary silhouette. She complemented this outfit with this flight of fantasy bag by Meera Mahadevia, this gorgeous oval kundan ring by Pinky Saraf and this raja phool necklace by Sannam Chopra. This look is perfect for that scintillating Indian evening party.

Which outfit and look do you like out of our selection? Do you prefer a more Spanish, Italian, British or Indian feel? 

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