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Our Favourite Disney Love Stories of all Time | Pocahontas & John Smith
Our Favourite Disney Love Stories of ALL Time
17 th Feb 2015

Disney films are renowned for their fairy tale love stories and mastermind story lines, which have filled many of our childhoods with happy memories and outlooks on love.

And since Valentines day has just passed, what better way to re-live those memories by picking out our favourite stories of all time.

Do you have a favourite? Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments!

Belle & The Beast

This love stuck pair has to be our favorite love story of all time!

The unconventional pair didn’t start off love struck, or staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. Belle is actually frightened of the Beast at first, and he finds her to be problematic. After a rocky beginning the pair slowly begin to trust each other and become friends, and out of that innocent friendship blossoms love.

The point where she finally realises how she feels for him is when he was tragically dying on the balcony.. A dramatic and emotional moment that ended up in an extremely happy ever after!

Belle and The Beast

Ariel & Eric

Ariel’s love story stands out from the rest because of how she pursues her prince, whereas a lot of Disney love stories are based on the prince pursuing the princess. The story revolves around Ariel being captivated by humans and how they live their life, and after she witnesses Eric, this fascination only grows.

She saves him from drowning and instantly falls in love with him, this leads to her making a deal with the villain of the film, Ursula, trading her singing voice for a pair a legs and three days for a chance to win his heart, which obviously isn’t as straight forward as it seemed. The dramatic and whirl wind story line ends with the pair getting married, as she sports a big traditional sparkly style wedding gown and they sail off under a rainbow together.

Areal and Eric

Mulan & Shang

This love story is a little more unconventional than tradtional Disney love stories, as throughout a lot of the film Shang believes that Mulan is a man. We don't actually get to see any obvious romance between the two; Mulan is not your typical girly princess and Shang isn’t your average charming prince. What we like about this love story is that it starts with a friendship, and the love interest at the end is left to a subtle minimum. He falls for her because he's attracted to her strong personality and drive.

Mulan and Shang

Rapunzel & Flynn

This love interest is a recent favourite of ours because of it’s comic underline that differs from other more traditional romantic Disney love stories. Flynn comes across Rapunzel completely by accident and it’s not exactly a romantic first meeting, as he gets hit by a frying pan from Rapunzel who thinks he’s trying to cut her magic hair.

Rapunzel then convinces Flynn to take her away from the tower she has never left to see ‘the floating lights’, in order to get back his satchel which contains a stolen crown. They go on an incredible journey, and of course on their travels they fall in love.

In the end Flynn makes the definitive sacrifice by cutting off Rapunzel's hair, destroying evil Mother Gothel and also the chance of her being able to save his life. Luckily, Flynn survives and returns Rapunzel to her real parents. The couple eventually gets married and lives happily ever after!

Rapunzel and Flynn

Pocahontas & John Smith

This pair is often compared to William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet". It's a classic story of forbidden love. Pocahontas and John Smith love each other and desperately want to be together, but find it tremendously difficult due to their people hating each other with a deep passion.

In contrast to the other Disney love stories, this one doesn’t result in a happy ending, the pair risk their lives for each other, resulting in John Smith getting injured and having to go back to England, and Pocahontas decides to stay with her people. They share an extremely passionate and upsetting goodbye, and he sails away as Pocahontas watches from her famous cliff.

Pocahontas and John Smith

Got a favourite? Tell us about it! As you can see, we love all the mush and animation :)

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