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Online designer shopping the next big thing
Online Designer Shopping Gen Next
17 th Jul 2014

Imagine being unwell, bedridden, with absolutely nothing to do. Sounds boring doesn’t it? Now add a computer with an extremely reliable Internet connection to the mix. That, my friends, opens up doors of infinite possibility. And in today’s day and age, especially when you are someone who swears by the benefit of retail therapy, the only medicine for all your problems is online designer shopping.

To paraphrase Mr. Louis Armstrong, it’s a truly wonderful and fashionable world out there. We have the most lust worthy and enviable fashion brands and designer labels just a click away. Gone are the days when we had to travel across cities to visit the brick and mortar havens of designer luxury. Today all you need to do is log on to your favourite shopping portal and you can get the requisite dosage of online designer shopping.

Seems a little farfetched? In fact it is nothing but the truth. A couple of years ago, shopping for clothes online was a far-fetched concept. After all if you couldn’t touch what you want to wear and try it on, would you be willing to buy it. Today shopping for apparel online has become a way of life. According to a paper published last year by Technopak, a leading consulting firm, the Indian apparel e-retail space is valued at a whopping USD 130 million dollars and the number is only growing. It is only to be expected then that everyone wants a want a bigger slice of this humungous and ever-growing pie.

In the past few months, top Indian fashion e-commerce sites have tied up with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry to retain fickle and hungry-for-the-next-best-deal customers.  According to a report in a leading financial daily, between now and the festival season in October-November, the growth rate will shoot into double digit numbers. Considering that most leading designers don’t have a presence beyond the top thirty cities in India and a restricted presence abroad, there is a huge demand for Indian designer brands that these e-retail players are in the mood to quench.

The union is harmonious and much needed but what is the story behind it? Why are so many websites opening themselves to the perceivably niche market of online designer shopping? Well, for one, according to experts, there is the matter of a brand boost and customer attention. Hosting big names and luxury brands allows e-retail sites to give prospective customers a feeling that they are special; that they are being given an opportunity to indulge in a luxury and not an essential. This can create an effective sense of I-want-this.

Add to these attractive hooks like limited time deals, designer picks, and compelling editorials and you have your customer salivating for more. At our own website, we continuously try and improve the shopping experience for customers by providing them with an easy access to key designers and impeccable service. From services that allow custom alterations to the order you place to single points of contact who assist you through the process, and newer, more contemporary collections to choose from, there is always more to look forward to.   

For designers, too, it is a win-win. Not only are they adding new avenues for higher sales, moving away from traditional brick and mortar stores, they also get the opportunity to be introduced to a target audience which was outside their reach earlier. Also, many apparel retail websites offer unique sales features and plans to attract audience to designer brands. In order to promote online designer shopping, e-retailers often develop targeted marketing strategies.

For a customer-driven industry that only seems poised for bigger and better growth, this is a match truly made in heaven. All I can say is, may we all live happily ever after. 

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