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An Interview with Blogger of Indian Fashion Blog 'June Wants It All' - Driven By Curiosity
An Interview with Blogger of Indian Fashion Blog 'June Wants It All'
16 th May 2014

We have a passion for Indian fashion and so love it when we have the chance to speak to someone who is equally passionate about this industry.

This week we were fortunate enough to speak to Indian fashion blogger, June, who writes a blog called June Wants It All.

We interviewed her on what it was like to be a blogger and why she started her blog in the first place.

1. From your blog it is very obvious that you are a big fan of Indian fashion, have you always wanted to get involved with fashion? Was it your dream from a young age?

Yes, I always wanted to be a part of the fashion industry. When I was 15, I wanted to be a designer and when I was 19, I wanted to be a model and by the time I was 21, I got into blogging.  

2. Whats your favourite style? Do you think your fashion taste and styles have evolved over the years with the change in Indian fashion trends?

I guess boho and festival inspired looks are my favourite style. No matter how much I love glamorous and edgy fashion, I am a hippie at heart. Yes, my fashion and styles have definitely evolved over the years. Its a bit more grown up now but now I steer clear from something I like. I only buy it if I love it. 

3. Tell us more about your life story. What did you do before you set up your blog?

I'm from an army background and have lived in a lot of cities in India. I started my blog when I was in college but started blogging more frequently when I started my first job after my MBA. It was during my stint in a corporate firm when I realised that blogging is my true passion. 

4. When you were younger, did you have any other aspirations?

I wanted to be a vet for a really long time because I love animals. However, the thought of seeing an animal in pain or dying always scared me so I did not pursue veterinary science.

5. When did you decide to start a blog and why?

I started blogging in 2008 when I was in college. and then started again (a bit more regularly) in 2011 because I used to read many fashion blogs religiously and decided that I should start documenting my ideas and sharing stuff about myself and my interests with the world. However, eventually my choice of topics diversified from fashion to food to film to video games and even cats! 

6. What challenges have you faced with your blog?

For the first few years, I found it virtually impossible to do any outfit posts on my blog because I used to work from 9-6 and by the time I'd be home, it would be too dark to take photos. Besides that, I also didn't have any company around to take photos for me. 

7. How often do you write blog posts?

I try to post at least once a week.

8. Where do you get your inspiration from for your posts?

Everywhere. Right from the internet to movies to books/magazines and things I see on the street. 

9. Do you have any other occupation at the moment?

Yes, I've been working in digital media as a social media content writer and manager for the past two years.

10. What advice would you give to other people who want to start their own blogs?

Choose a clean layout, keep your images large and try to post your blog at least once a week!

11. What are your ambitions for the future in regard to your blog and anything else that you may be doing that is Indian fashion related?

Keeping my fingers crossed on this one but I’m hoping my readership increases exponentially and I am a full time blogger by then. I also aspire to start a store.

12. Who is your favourite Indian fashion designer and why?

I prefer brands to designers and have quite a few favourites for separate reasons. I love Nastygal for its badass and off-beat designs, Free People for its bohemian designs, Zara for its classy and sophisticated designs and then there is TopShop which is so uber cool.

Check out June's Indian fashion blog here:

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