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Innovation in Textiles from India - Driven By Curiosity
Innovation in Textiles from India
03 rd Jul 2014

Indian designers have been experimenting with embellishments and embroidery for a long time, and in fact these tend to be the focus of the collections of a lot of Indian designers. But there is an increasing trend of designers innovating using traditional weaves or even giving traditional weaves a makeover.

Rahul Mishra has innovated using wool, to create a fabric that can be worn around the year. The blend of silk and wool using a non-traditional technique resulted in a fabric that is unique, innovative and easy to wear in most seasons. The designer’s effort landed him the international woolmark prize – making him the first Indian to receive the prize.

On the other hand, Anavila Misra innovated using linen and made the fabric flowy and even created a Sari using the fabric. Linen Saris? Yes, you read that right.

What does all of this innovation really mean for the consumer though? Does it mean that we’re going to see our beloved cotton and silk being replaced by linen? Probably not yet.

The immediate impact is of-course that customers, designers and the industry see traditional textiles in a different perspective. Traditional uses of the fabric or the traditional ways of draping certain fabrics is no longer sacred or taken for granted. It is an exciting development and one to watch out for. We for one, are certainly excited.

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