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KITE FLYING IN MUMBAI - Driven By Curiosity
Indian Festivals - Kite Flying in Mumbai
10 th Apr 2012

Bright, colourful kites announce the beginning of sun's journey to the Northern hemisphere - Makar Sankranti, also known as the kite flying celebration that marks the end of winter in the skies of Mumbai.

With that come countless tiny neighbourhood shops bursting with different colours, shapes and designs of kites, ranging from traditional kites made out of thin butter paper to those made out of shiny plastic and non traditional shapes like birds copied from borrowed from chinese neighbours.

Not forgetting the aim of the game which depends on the lethal string or Manja which is made by dipping twine in starch and powdered glass making it sharp so that it cuts free the opponent's kite in a kite flying competition.

Preparing to fly, Step 1 Find your Kite

Simplicity is Key, Traditions work best

Pick a colour

Thread pins

Drop us a line for tips and tricks

and it's up!

Onlookers from the rooftops of Mumbai

Lift off

One more Shot

Gold and Orange threads

The moment of truth

The Result

Just a final thought, kite flying has a fascinating history since the 1400s; man had the desire to fly since time immemorial.

It was the spirit of man and his imagination that ultimately saw the invention of kites. It's always a proud moment to take part Kite flying history and will definitely be back next year.

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