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The Indian Designer Jewellery Worn By Women of The Mughal Empire-Driven By Curiosity
The Indian Designer Jewellery Worn By Women of The Mughal Empire
09 th Jun 2014

During Mughal period, the social practice of female seclusion was compulsory for all women. This was down to the Muslim court at the time and was a sign of the strict obedience to Islam. Although this was the case for a lot of women, other women were not shut out from politics but were also given a voice. The mother, Hamada Bano Begam, of Akbar, the Mughal emperor from 1556 – 1605, was known to be a capable advisor to both her son and her husband. Although she was a woman, she was respected for her natural political ability. This saying is true that behind every successful man there is a woman. So along with their inclusion in politics and society they were also prominent in the way that fashions of the Mughal era evolved.

There were a vast number of methods that wealthy Mughal women beautified themselves. Firstly there was the bathing and then anointing with oil, then the decking of the head with a range of different Indian designer jewellery. These jewels were mainly pearls and golden ornaments. It was also common for the women to adorn themselves with nose rings of gold and pearls.

The Indian designer jewellery the women wore reflected the status of their men. The princes wore six to eight exquisite jewels. The most expensive and most stunningly opulent were for royalty. It was common for the princes to wear necklaces of jewels. They often had five rows of pearls hanging down from their neck. There were also pearls that were worn on the centre of the forehead encrusted with valuable stones in the shapes of the moon, sun or stars or imitating different flowers. The use of Indian designer jewellery as a sign of status was very common for both the Hindus and the Muslims.

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