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Indian Celebrities Nasty Twitter Troll Feuds | Indian Celebrities in Twitter Fights | The Best Twitter Fights of Bollywood
Indian Celebrities Involved With Nasty Twitter Trolls
31 st Aug 2016

The twitter-verse is abuzz with thousands of trending topics everyday, but it’s an especially exciting time for Bollywood fans with Indian celebrities finding themselves in the midst of a slugfest of words.

Fights that were once relegated to the pages of gossip magazines and tabloids, which often kept the actual identity of the perpetrators shrouded in mystery are now being played out on very public platforms.

Indian celebrities on twitter are using the social media tool to connect with their fans on a one-to-one basis making the interactions extremely friendly and personal. While it’s usually a barrage of much love and adulation there are also times when they are embroiled in nasty twitter fights thanks to some netizens who just love to ruffle feathers and start trouble.

Badly behaved twitteratti aside, Indian celebrities are also not shying away from settling personal scores through twitter trolls. And that’s when things start to take a nasty turn. It’s one thing for them to give a fitting reply to a particularly rude comment by a hater but quite another for celebrities to fight it out with each other in an ugly verbal battle.

In a fraternity prone to fierce competition, massive egos, megalomaniacal tendencies and extreme insecurities, it comes as no surprise to an outsider that Indian celebrities harbor rather large grudges against each other. And sometimes to our amusement, entertainment and horror, Indian celebrities decide to air out their dirty laundry in the form of twitter fights.

Kamaal R Khan v/s Lisa Haydon

A virtual nobody in terms of actual work done in movies or otherwise, Kamaal R Khan has made himself infamous for doing his fair share of twitter trolling. The failed actor has managed to incense even the most dignified of Indian celebrities with his ludicrous, vulgar, offensive and shady comments. He chose to make one such disgusting comment on a picture of the stunning Lisa Haydon, who retorted with a reply that might as well have been a slap in his face and we love her for it. 

Lisa Haydon | Indian Celebrities Involved With Nasty Twitter Trolls

Lisa Haydon 2 | Indian Celebirties Involved With Nasty Twotter Trolls

Ram Gopal Verma v/s Karan Johar

It’s no secret that there is no love lost between RGV and KJo but things spiraled out of control very quickly when RGV tried to twitter troll KJo by commenting on his very successful movie Student Of The Year. Not one to ever back down from a fight, the quick-witted KJo gave it back to RGV by referring to his extremely badly received film-making debacle AAG. 

RGV VS KJo | Indian Celebrities Involved With Nasty Twitter Trolls

Ram Gopal Verma v/s Anurag Kashyap

It seems Ram Gopal Verma was far from putting his twitter trolling days behind him as he went after Anurag Kashyap soon after his fiasco with Karan Johar. Indian celebrities and critics had panned Verma’s ambitious project AAG as his most disastrous outings as a filmmaker. It seems he’s in no mood to forgive and forget the chapter as his tweets began with a reference to the flopped movie. Anurag Kashyap had publically declared that he too stood behind his failed movie Bombay Velvet. What could have been a bonding experience for the two directors, turned into a sour twitter war when Verma poked fun at Kashyap’s stance and was met with an extremely sarcastic yet funny response. 

RGV V/S AK | Indian Celebrities Involved With Nasty Twitter Trolls

RGV V/S AK | Indian Celebrities Involved With Nasty Twitter Trolls

 Deepika Padukone v/s The Times of India

Deepika Padukone has often been lauded as an Indian celebrity who always conducts herself with the utmost grace and dignity. With her squeaky clean image it’s almost impossible to imagine her involved in a twitter war especially when the opponent happens to be the country’s premier newspaper. She blasted the publication for circulating a video of her cleavage as part of their newsfeed and garnered herself even more respect from women everywhere. The publication didn’t offer a public apology but responded with a clumsily scripted reply after coming under fire for objectifying women. Deepika on the other hand clearly won this one even without an apology, by making it apparent that respectable media outlets don’t need to stoop to tabloid levels for news worthy stories. 

Deepika Padukone v/s Times Of India | Indian Celebrities Involved With Nasty Twitter Trolls

Deepika Padukone v/s Times Of India | Indian Celebrities Involved With Nasty Twitter Trolls

Sonam Kapoor v/s Shobha De

The fiery author is no stranger to controversies with her tongue-in-cheek columns and scathing remarks on all media outlets, including of course, twitter. Shobha De has been locking horns with the equally fierce and bold fashionista Sonam Kapoor since way back in 2008. The writer took her first pot shot at Ms. Kapoor by tweeting that she “just doesn’t cut it in the sex appeal stakes” only to be met by Sonam’s response calling her “a 60-something porn writer”.

Shobha De refused to give in and continued to twitter troll the young actress by referring to her 2010 release I Hate Luv Storys as “I Hate Dumb Storys” and proceeding to call Sonam “a lassie who lacks oomph”. This time it was the movie’s director Punit Malhotra who backed Sonam by tweeting against De, calling her “a fossil who’s getting no action and is going through menopause”. The comment was promply re-tweeted by Sonam Kapoor continuing their twitter fight.

However it seems this particular twitter trolling saga comes with a happy ending. Anil Kapoor reprimanded his daughter on getting wind of the extremely offensive tweets going back and forth between her and the senior author especially when one such tweet indirectly referred to the actress lacking a good upbringing. Sonam was forced to offer an olive branch by tweeting the following "Mrs De I owe you an apology for getting personal. I'm ashamed for my momentary lapse in judgement. And apologetic.. Every writer and journalist and audience are entitled to their opinion and I respect that."

Sonam Kapoor v/s Shobha De | Indian Celebrities Involved With Nasty Twitter Trolls


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