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Hottest Ring Trend In 2015: Stone Rings
Hottest Ring Trend in 2015: Stone Rings
28 th May 2015

For long, the word ring has been associated with a golden band or a solitaire. But today, if you have been following the latest trends in rings, then you must have come across rings in vibrant colours studded with scintillating stones.

Stone rings have caught on as a trend thanks to the vibrant colours that they are available in.

Your selection of stone rings also tells a lot about your personal style – they are cool, chic and have a youthful appeal. In case you are building your accessory collection, then stone rings are a must have. Here’s why!

Adding a Pop of Colour

Hottest Ring Trend in 2015 Stone Rings - Colour

Stone rings come in a variety of shapes and hues that add a pop of colour and playfulness to your outfit. You can perk up a boring and plain outfit with a statement ring studded with colourful stones. What’s more, you can even co-ordinate them with the colour of your outfit.

Range of Colours

With precious stones, you are limited to just a handful of colours like red, green and white. Semi-precious stones however are available in myriad colours ranging from deep blue lapis lazulis, yellow topaz stones to purple amethyst stones.

Stone rings make it possible for you to colour co-ordinate your outfit with your ring since there are so many colours of semi-precious stones that you will run out of fingers to count them!


Stone rings score high in popularity because they are extremely affordable – you can have a bunch of them in various colours without burning a hole in your pocket.

Investing in stone rings would mean that your collection is more varied because of the number of rings you can buy, given their affordability.

Style Statement

Hottest Ring Trend in 2015 Stone Rings - Style Statement

A gold band or a ring studded with diamonds would perhaps pass off as classic and elegant styles. Stone rings on the other hand scream for attention what with their fiery colours. They add an interesting element and a lot of character to the ensemble.

As a result, stone rings can become a clear reflection of your style statement. Keep this in mind while buying stone rings and we assure you that your style quotient will simply zoom up with stone jewellery.

Variety is the spice of life

Stone rings don’t just add a pop of colour but also a lot of variety to your look. The same outfit can look different if it is paired with a statement stone ring in a vibrant colour. So to bring in more variety in your wardrobe, the easiest thing to do would be to take to stone rings in a variety of shapes and sizes.  

Now that you have seen how versatile and interesting stone rings can be, have we convinced you enough to go and buy a stone ring now?! 

Image credit: Paul Sheeran

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