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A History Of The Fashion Weeks
08 th Nov 2015

The concept of organising fashion weeks and displaying haute couture was initiated in the year 1858 when Charles Fredrick Worth presented his ready-to-wear original designs for the first time on female models in France. At that time, fashion presentations were held in the private residencies of the designers and gained popularity in the small span of time.

This fashion forwardness helped France acquire the title ‘Fashion Capital’ of the world.

Since then, there has been no looking back; rather the presentations grew larger, more captivating and more organised in terms of music, staging, sophisticated designs, photography and media representation. Paris emerged as the hub of fashion and followers and international fashion magazines took cue from the fashion capital and made it more accessible to the masses.

Evolution Of International Fashion Weeks

During World War II, Nazi occupied France led to the diversion of fashion journalists and Eleanor Lambert, a fashion publicist, took advantage of the opportunity and diverted the attention of fashion fraternity from Paris to New York. The fashion shows and media coverage were organised to enhance the repute of local American designers and bring forth New York as the new ‘Fashion Capital’ of the world. This is how the fashion industry bloomed and fashion weeks became an indispensable part of it.

The purpose of organising fashion weeks is to bring all the manufacturers, designers, fashion royalty, sponsors, fashion-lovers, media, models and fashion magazine editors together on a single platform to take fashion to the next level. It not only gives a platform to the talented budding designers but also quenches the thirst of fashion mongers and help build an economy.

Models in Paris | A History Of The Fashion Weeks

Evolution Of Fashion Weeks In India

To promote local creative fashion industry and to portray India as a fashion forward country, the first fashion show was held in the year 2000, called Lakme India Fashion Week. Now the odyssey of Indian fashion weeks has successfully completed 15 years and has put India on the world map of fashion. The beginning of Fashion weeks in India was not a vague step but a calculated move to enhance and revolutionise the fashion industry of the country which then was in its infancy stage. It was initiated with the clear vision as professionals realised the hidden potential of the Indian fashion industry. The motive was to tap the untapped talent and to introduce the world with rich cultural heritage of India.

A council was appointed, Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) which was responsible for putting on the first fashion show. Bringing in Lakme as the title sponsor was another milestone achieved by the council to shape up the future of fashion industry. The concept of adding a ‘finale’ was introduced to strengthen the structure of a fashion week.

Lakme Fashion Week became very popular however after its contract with the FDCI ended it came out in its individual capacity as India Fashion Week. Being the first ever fashion event of India, it garnered the attention of fashion fraternity of the world and shifted it to India. Super models, Indian and International designers participated in this gala affair. Not just this, Lakme Fashion Week emerged as the career launcher of many a famous designers like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra etc. On the flip side, LFW also became victim of a myriad of controversies and gossips over its course. However this hasn't hampered the spirit of organisers and participants alike and every year it has presented a spectacular show. Generally, the fashion week is held twice a year to showcase the Fall / Winter collection during March-April and the Spring / Summer collection during September-October.

Lakme Fashion Week | A History Of The Fashion Weeks

Merger Of Bollywood And Fashion

Bollywood and fashion go hand-in-hand. It is hard to imagine the former without the latter. Celebrities endorse designer wear and designers love to have Bollywood stars as their ‘Showstoppers’. It is a win-win situation for both. Couturiers like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Rocky S and Vikram Phadnis were among the first lot of designers who amalgamated fashion with Bollywood. The transition was smooth and hassle-free and it turned out to be a profitable avenue for both parties.

Emergence Of Competitors

Like in any other field, Lakme Fashion Week too now has its fair share of competitors as other Indian fashion weeks have started to appear. The biggest among them all is the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. Though it came after Lakme Fashion Week it managed to hog media attention and public glare. On the lines of LFW, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (now known as Amazon India Fashion Week) also organises its fashion weeks semi-annually. It is equally contributing to the success of fashion industry and is loved by one and all.

Due to the huge popularity and volume of weddings in India, designers realised that there are buyers who are prepared to spend large amounts of money on bridal trousseau. This led to the beginning of Indian Bridal Fashion Week which gradually gained the stature of being one of the top four fashion weeks in India. IBFW is the leading couture events which portray best trends and designs in bridal wear. Next in the list is Van Huesen India Men’s Fashion Week which is also a notable fashion affair.

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week | A History Of The Fashion Weeks

Since there inception, fashion weeks in India have grown bigger and better each year. We are now very excited to see how they will continue to develop. 

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