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Glimpse at Indian Bridal Clothes
11 th Oct 2015

Indian weddings are synonymous with opulence. Everything from ceremonies to décor to the bride’s dress is over-the-top. A wedding in India is like a grand festivity and is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony.

The most crucial element among all is the bride’s attire. The bride of course is the center of attraction on the big day. Every single person present in the wedding scrutinizes her from head-to-toe; thankfully Indian brides look like a million bucks on their wedding day, all bejeweled and bedecked with jewellery, make-up and of course stunning bridal wear. Since there is so much emphasis on the bride’s dress, I am going to look at the different styles of Indian bridal clothes that are available to make the bride look like the ultimate diva.


First and foremost, the crucial garment that everyone associates with Indian bridal clothes is lehenga-choli.  This bridal wear is preferred by North Indian brides, but nowadays brides across the country love to wear it on the most important day of their life. This bridal wear has witnessed myriad variations in terms of silhouette, fabric, color palate and style over the years. Apart from the bride, the bride’s friends and sisters also love to embrace this graceful garment on formal occasions like weddings. Calling lehenga choli the first love of every Indian girl wouldn't be an exaggeration.  When it comes to the bridal lehenga-choli, it is supposed to be highly embroidered and elaborated. The heavier the work, the better it is, after all brides have to look their best on their wedding. Talking about the styles, generally lehenga-choli has a flared and flowy long skirt with short cropped top. The length of top may vary depending upon the person’s taste. Brides prefer flowing lehenga as it gives them the volume and structure to make them feel like princesses. These days, brides experiment with long tops with sheer fabrics like net and pair it  with a heavily embroidered lehenga skirt. Not to forget, the beautifully designed dupatta to complete the look. Another more westernized version of traditional lehenga-choli is fish-cut style lehenga. This style has a modern appeal to it. Paired with a fitted crop top or corset, it looks great and is perfect for a sangeet or reception.

Colourful Orange Lehenga-Choli | Glimpse of Indian Bridal Clothes


The saree needs no introduction. The tradition of wearing a beautiful red saree on your wedding day goes back a long way and for this reason Indian brides often favour the saree over other garments. The saree not only emphasizes Indian culture but is also a very sensuous garment that looks great on all body shapes and sizes.  If a gorgeous saree is draped well, no other attire can match its beauty and grace. Apart from red embroidered bridal sarees, brides also like to include a saree in their trousseau as there is so much to choose from like Banarasi, Kanchipuram, cotton, silk and handloom saree etc.

Pretty Dark Pink Saree | Glimpse at Indian Bridal Clothes

Formal Evening Gown

A recent addition to the Indian bridal clothes is the formal evening gown. These long formal dresses occupy a permanent place in Indian bridal closets. Though gowns are more westernized, Indian designers have come up with version to suit the needs of Indian brides.  Formal evening gowns are apt for occasions like a reception, dinner party and cocktail party. These gowns are embellished with stones and sequins to give it a rich and elegant feel.  The silhouette of the gown also various from long flowing gowns to body-hugging one, to suit different body types. Gowns look extremely classy and elite, which is why Indian brides love to include them in their wardrobe.

Red and Gold Formal Evening Gown | Glimpse of Indian bridal clothes

Anarkali suit

Anarkali suits are back with a bang. Having been firmly rooted in the Mughal era, Anarkali suits are now a fashion rage among modern-day Indian brides. These flowy floor-length suits are perfect as bridal wear. An anarkali suit makes a statement with its exquisite embroidery and flowing structure that gives the much-required volume to the wearer as it is fitted on the top and wide at the bottom. With fabrics like chiffon, georgette and net, anarkali makes a great choice as bridal wear.

Red Floor Length Anarkali by Red Couture | Glimpse of Indian Bridal Clothes

So, if your wedding is round the corner, grab the right outfit and have the time of your life!

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