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ALL ABOUT GOTA - Driven By Curiosity
05 th Oct 2012


Metal embroidery from the Indian state of Rajasthan is known as Gota work. Gota is a ribbon of gold or silver that varies in width and is woven in a satin weave. Real Gota is made of Gold and Silver, but more common is the use of copper as a base metal coated with Silver.

In recent times, copper has been replaced by a polyester film that is metalised and coated as per requirements. This results in a lighter finished fabric, better quality at lower cost, better resistance to moisture and it does not tarnish as compared to metal-based Gota.

Gota is woven on looms. It consists of cotton in warp and a metal in weft. Attractive designs inspired by flowers, leaves and decorative motifs can also be made on gota by pressing it under blocks. The Gota method is commonly used for womenswear, especially formal dresses.

Gota is traditionally used over contrasting colors like pink and green or pink and red in the background, with patch work to highlight the work. Some sections of the pattern are filled with colored satin, thus resulting in a rich design that resembles the enameled jewellery of the region.

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