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10 Modern Diwali Home Decor Ideas To Impress Everyone
10 Modern Diwali Home Decor Ideas To Impress Everyone
11 th Oct 2017

There is something especially festive about waking up to the smell of delicious cooking and a decorated house on or just before Diwali. It puts everyone in a joyous mood and sets the tone for an entire day of festivities. Whether you choose to go all out with your Diwali décor by starting well in advance or if you go by the less-is-more philosophy, everyone does a little something extra for Diwali days. It could even be as simple and basic as lighting a few diyas but there is no escaping the home décor bug when Diwali comes knocking.

Most Diwali home décor guides are supremely focused on lighting up the house because after all, it IS the festival of lights. But it doesn’t mean that there are no other ways to decorate the home for Diwali, especially if you’ve already overdone the lights and feel like you’re living in a lit-up stadium at all times. There are some really unique and transformative Diwali décor ideas that involve both lights and non-light accents to brighten up any space while bringing in the celebratory spirit and warmth in abundance.

1. Flower Ganesh Rangolis

It’s customary to have Rangolis in homes for Diwali, but wielding those beautiful designs in coloured powders requires a talented, steady and practiced hand. Not all of us can be master Rangoli makers but that doesn’t mean you need to give up on the Rangoli or make do with rudimentary designs. Flower Ganesh Rangolis are a creative and easy hack that takes a lot of the stress out of creating those complicated Rangoli designs outside your door. Plus the presence of Lord Ganesh right on your doorstep is a lovely inviting gesture for all your guests.

Diwali Decor Ideas | Ganesh Rangoli

Diwali Decor Ideas | Ganesh Rangoli

Flower Ganesh Rangolis

2. Quilled Diya Décor

Vivid coloured diyas are another Diwali tradition but you don’t need to stop at just placing them in niches. Decorating around the diyas in contrasting coloured quilled paper can really elevate your diya décor game to whole new levels. The art of Quilling is much easier than a lot of other home décor techniques meaning that pretty much anyone can do it. Get your kids in on the quilling fun too and turn Diwali decorating into a bonding family activity.

Diwali Decor Ideas | Quilled Diya Decor

Quilled Diya Decor

3. Card Parties

Serious card aficionados look forward to Diwali for a spate of nightlong card parties but these are far from only gambling gatherings. There is an element of festive revelry about them often marked by a lovely ambience and lip-smacking food in addition to the card games. If you’re looking to infuse some theme based home décor and host card parties on the regular then you can invest in some playing card crockery from any party store. But for those of you who like to change things up at every party and don’t want the commitment of having to use the same glasses and jugs every year, you can totally DIY it by sticking cut up playing cards or painting playing card images on to cheaper glass crockery.

Diwali Decor Ideas | Card Parties

Diwali Decor Ideas | Card Parties 2

Card Party Decor

4. Seashell Lights

For those people who don’t want an all-traditional décor for Diwali because it may not go with your very modern interiors or simply because you like to mix things up, seashell candles are a very seamless and non-imposing décor element. You can either buy these in stores or DIY it. Let’s face it, this is one DIY you can thoroughly enjoy cause it involves spending a day at the beach collecting seashells. You can give them a quick rinse and pour some blue wax with the wick into the cavities for some seriously cool seashell lights. These can be mixed with more traditional décor for Diwali or can even be used alone on other days.

Diwali Decor Ideas | Seashell Candles

Seashell Candles

5. Cushion Covers

Yet another quick décor tip for houses with modern interiors is to swap the cushion covers for something more ethnic. It’s obviously impractical to change all the upholstery for a few days so brightly coloured and richly patterned cushion covers bring in a bit of traditional pop to an otherwise contemporary room.

Diwali Decor Ideas | Cushion Covers 1

Diwali Decor Ideas | Cushion Covers

Festive Cushion Covers

6. Tin Can Lights

Finally a use for all those tins of biscuits you’ve been polishing off. This DIY Diwali décor idea involves saving a few tins and giving them a creative edge. Wrap them in paper with colourful prints and create a wall hanging by passing a bit of string through the tops of the tins. Once you’ve hung them up add some tealights to the base of each tin. This requires a bit of effort but it’s so worth it when all your guests ohh and aahhh at your handiwork.

Diwali Decor Ideas | Tin Can Lights

Tin Can Lights

7. Potpurri

A twist on the age-old oil lamp. This idea will have your house smelling lusciously good all day. Switch the oil for some potpourri and add a small diya or tea light that fits the ends of the lamp. Pick out potpourri in colours matching your décor palette so it becomes part of the entire room. Add scented candles if you want a decadent smelling treat.

Diwali Decor Ideas | Potpurri


8. Wine Glass Lights

For this décor idea it would be advisable to get cheap wine glasses or use ones you’re okay with discarding incase they get ruined. Upturn the wine glasses with large flowers inside and used the base as a candle, diya or tealight holder. You can use a setting of 4 to 5 as centrepieces on your dining tables or in niches near windows. It’s best to keep these at a height to avoid people accidentally knocking them over and hurting themselves. 

Diwali Decor Ideas | Wine Glass Lights

Wine Glass Lights

9. Antique Metal Vessels

If you’re lucky enough to have inherited some heirloom metal vessels in copper, silver or bronze but have no idea what to do with them outside the safe then this one’s for you. Create a small grouping and place them on coffee tables or side tables to be used as vases for flowers. Pick blossom hues like orange, pink or red to beautifully counterbalance the colour of the metal.

Diwali Decor Ideas | Antique Metal Vessels

Diwali Decor Ideas | Antique Metal Vessels

Antique Metal Vessels

10. Table Settings

Diwali is synonymous with copious amounts of food and several group meals so a festive table setting will surely set the mood for an Indian feast. Ethnic printed china costs a fortune but this idea will get you the wow factor without burning a hole in your pocket. Colour coordinated place mats, napkins and table centrepieces with traditional Indian crockery like metal thalis and bowls are the perfect pairing for ethnic meals. If you plan on using glass crockery instead then decorate the sides with some flowers add some shiny Indian napkin rings and finish it off with a sprinkling of diyas or tealights with holders for a festive feel.

Diwali Decor Ideas | Table Setting 1

Diwali Decor Ideas | Table Setting 2

Table Settings




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