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What would happen if there was no Facebook tomorrow? - Banking On Fashion
What Would Happen if there was no Facebook Tomorrow?
16 th May 2013

What if you wake up one morning to an empty wardrobe? Do you beg? Borrow or steal? In all honesty, none! Infact, you sign into Facebook to see how many of your friends woke up to a shockingly empty wardrobe too (you know you would)! In a generation dominated by social media activities, how do you analyse a person’s shopping?

Here’s a perspective on the prevalent shopping behavior in relation to your Facebook activity:

  • A style you like and that is within your budget is like your friends appreciating a picture of you in your pajamas as opposed to the one you dressed up and posed for.
  • A style you hoped someone would make is like a friend request from a long lost friend.
  • A ‘sale’ is as refreshing as a ‘poke’ from that special someone.
  • A new designer you instantly like and who is retailing within your country is like the unbelievable ‘likes’ on most black and white pictures anyone uploads.
  • Most importantly, a designer or retailer customizing designs to your size is as exciting as that red number 1 on your notifications against the Facebook blue taskbar after you refresh the page.

Today, when you see a new designer you immediately look up his / her Facebook page and decide the your ‘like’ quotient for the designer. Some consumers are fashion followers; that is if a certain number of your friends have ‘liked’ the page, it gives you more reason to click on the photo albums and check out new collections and shop.

On the other hand some consumers are fashion leaders; that is if you find a designer’s Facebook profile and see less followers or no friends following them, you are more likely to buy from them. To target either or both of these consumers the fashion industry is banking on social media platforms to bring to you the current trends and improve your shopping experience. And this is exactly why our Facebook and other social platform links are at the end if this blog!

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