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Top Indian Fashion Designers are Moving Beyond Clothing to ‘Designer Weddings’
16 th Jan 2014

‘Big fat Indian weddings’ are being taken to whole new levels to keep up with the ever-increasing social competition and top Indian fashion designers are using this opportunity to their advantage.

Designers such as Rohit Bal, Vikram Phadnis and Abu Jani are fulfilling these status-hungry brides’ wishes by taking care of their invitations, outfits, decorations and any other wedding arrangements they require. And why shouldn’t they? There will always be potential clients who have an unlimited budget, in order to out-do the biggest shaadis.

Tying up with Event Management Companies

Not only are designers offering these services on a personal level, they have started setting up joint ventures with event management companies. These Indian designers are stepping out of their comfort zone and expanding their options by experimenting with new areas. "We are attempting what most successful designers in the West have been doing for some time," said famous designer, JJ Valaya.

Rohit Bal has partnered with JS Event Management Pvt Ltd in order to tap this growing opportunity. Bal will handle all the creative details of the weddings, while the events company will be in charge of the production, marketing and business development. This could turn out to be a very successful JV. "In the first year, we are looking at a turnover of at least 10 crore," Jeh Bajaj, founder of JS Event Management, said.

However, designers should be careful not to get carried away with the number of projects they take on. Their reputed names are at stake if they do not execute a wedding as desired. "We are not looking at 500 shaadis in an year. Even if we are able to successfully do five, that is good enough," Bajaj said. This is a sensible and satisfying number for designers, considering that a designer wedding costs upwards of 4-5 crores.

How Much do they Charge?

Currently, most of the top designers are charging Rs 20-25 lakh per function. At the moment, the number of families willing to spend this amount is limited, but with extravagant ‘designer weddings’ on the rise, this could be a great opportunity for event management companies to rope in more top designers.


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