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Social Media Presence of Indian Designers - Banking On Fashion
Social Media Presence of Indian Designers
01 st Oct 2013

Having a considerable and consistent online presence is almost a given pre-condition for brands in the current day and age. Social media presence is often judged as a proxy for the brand’s popularity (we don’t necessarily share this opinion though!). Given the importance placed by a lot of Indian designers and India fashion brands on social media, we analysed the online presence of some of selected Indian designers and found interesting results.

Some of the designers have a larger following and a more actively engaged approach to Social Media, while the others have just a presence. The engagement levels that each of these designers receive is also a key question that is not always very easy to understand, but our anecdotal data seems to suggest that the engagement levels vary vastly for the different brands.

The evolution of Indian fashion has been progressive and designers and brands have been enthusiastic in adopting online as a serious channel for creating awareness, generating interest and completing sales in some cases. But this is still in the very early days, and we believe that further investments are required so that the Indian designers continue to remain socially relevant online!

Indian Fashion Designers Social Media Presence Infographic

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