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Same Difference - Banking On Fashion
Same Difference
30 th May 2013

Haven’t you always wondered how one retailer gives you a cotton shirt for £7 while another sells you a cotton shirt for £70? Wonder if the cotton is different? Or the tailoring or is it just that logo imprinted 2 centimeters away from your heart?

We think its best explained with relation to food. We all love that corner pizza guy who gives you a pizza slice for £3. It serves the purpose, fits in your budget and is delicious. But why is it that you are still saving up to go to Gordon Ramsay and not that pizzeria in the corner? And that is what we call same difference!

You are not just buying a pizza; you are buying into a fine dining experience, a good night out and Ramsay exclusivity.

Similarly, when you are buying a handcrafted Indian piece, you are buying into the legacy of our heritage, the fine craftsmanship and the quality construction.

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