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15 th Oct 2012

Indian e-commerce is currently dominated by deal-based sites that offer you designer clothes, including Indian designer clothes, at great deals and at massive discounts to the normal retail price of these products.

But in recent months, one of the sites was pulled up one of the Indian designer for selling products that had not been sourced from the Designer directly. The designer allegedly got a call from a customer complaining that the product was defective and was surprised to find out that the product had been sold through a third party site in the first place.

This sort of behaviour by Indian e-commerce companies might not be un-common. Reason? The lack of regulation (our favourite gripe!) and of course the fact that there is usually little legal recourse that people can resort to. The legal remedies might exist, but pursuit of the same is usually time and resource heavy.

In the case above, the site apologies and pulled out the products from the said designer, citing reasons that they had purchased the products through a third party. But incidents like these are going to keep happening if there isn't enough legal protection for the brands, designers and in some cases, also the customer.

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