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Indian Start-Ups Tackle the Wedding Market
07 th Oct 2015

According to The Huffington Post the global wedding industry is now worth upwards of $300 billion. It is estimated that the Indian wedding industry accounts for around $40 billion of that. Indian wedding websites have been very popular since as far back as the late 90s. Now the Indian wedding industry is set to be revolutionised once again by technology, as various Indian start-ups are beginning to change how people approach and plan their weddings.

One of the early success stories is WedMeGood, founded and run by husband and wife duo Anand and Mehak Shahani. WedMeGood assists couples in planning their wedding through presenting them with a carefully curated collection of vendors from photographers, cake makers, venues and invitations. This means that customers are able to easily arrange the main components of their wedding. Additionally they give advice and post photos from dream-worthy weddings for those in need of inspiration. Due to their popularity they have recently received more funding which will allow them to further expand their vendor base. WedMeGood will be launching their iOS and Android apps in the coming months.

Bright Pink, Orange, Yellow and Red Wedding Venue | Indian Start-Ups Tackle the Wedding Market

The other company making waves in the wedding industry is PlanningWale, which was founded earlier this year by Latika Malhotra, Kanishk Pandey and Sameer. Unlike WedMeGood, PlanningWale isn’t just a wedding directory, but events in general. They do however have 6,000 wedding vendors offering a range of 25 services for customers to choose from. PlanningWale enables the customers to contact the vendors directly from the app, as well as rate and review each one. In addition they can search for each vendor on maps so that they can see which ones are nearby. The firm have also set their sights on breaking into international markets as well.

Another company looking to muscle in on the wedding marketplace with their own one-stop wedding directory is Marryinaweek. The successful wedding matchmaking site founded by Bhraman Rattan and Suraj Dubey also wants to provide wedding planning services ranging from bridal / groom wear to DJs. They hope to launch their new app and plan to attract thousands of vendors over the next 6 months.

A Bride-to-be Tries On Wedding Outfit | Indian Start-Ups Tackle the Wedding Market

These are just a few of the companies that are redefining the wedding industry in India through the use of e-commerce and smart phones. These one-stop apps take an element of stress away from the bride and groom, as all of their wedding needs can be met in one space. It remains to be seen however whether there is space in the market for all these apps or whether it will soon reach saturation point. There is no question that when faced with planning a three day extravaganza it is much easier and more efficient to have a directory of recourses at your finger tips. Does it take away some of the pre-wedding planning enjoyment though?

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