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Indian Fashion Blog / Banking Fashion / Fashion Business Challenges Part 2

01 st Mar 2012

This is part 2 of the series of thoughts on the future of a fashion e-tail business from the perspective of a young company. This is part of the presentation given at the Oxford Brookes University on the same topic.

4. Social Sourcing Models

Business models that give people and users the control over merchandise creating have emerged over the last few years. These models also involve an element of crowd sourcing whereby users can upload designs and the one with the maximum votes is manufactured.

The risk to retailers lies in finding a way to compete with this model that lets users create products as per their tastes and styles. The risk of this model becoming too prevalent is low. It is always fun to find some new designs created by users (or maybe young designers?), but the products created by designers and specialists shall always make people dream and be unique and different.

5. Pre-ordering collections from the Ramp

A few sites that let users order styles that are seen on the runway immediately after they are shown by the designers.

This is an interesting development because it gives designer immediate feedback on the designs and styles that ordinary people like the best. It also gives them pre-orders based on which they can manufacture and create.

From a retailers point of view, the predictability of confirmed orders is an excellent prospect.

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