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01 st Mar 2012

This is part 1 of the series of thoughts on the future of a fashion e-tail business from the perspective of a young company. This is part of the presentation given at the Oxford Brookes University on the same topic.

Amongst various changes to the general operating model of a business, there are various fundamental changes taking place that are going to influence business one way or another. Some of the changes that are bound to impact business include:

1. Flash Sales

The success of the GILT and subsequent copy-cap models has been phenomenal. The value proposition for customers is extremely clear, great deals that are available for a very limited period of time. From the retailers point of view, the call to action is strong, limited time availability.

The question around sustainability of this model, I believe lies around continuing to offer a range of products offering great value to customers.

2. Mobile Commerce

Customers are spending more and more time on mobile devices and given the advances in technology and connectivity, a lot of customers are using their time on the move to make purchases and browse products.

The challenges lie around creating an experience tailored for a mobile environment, that is beyond a simple mobile version of a retailer's site. Customers are going to expect more and a more relevant mobile experience.

3. Platforms for Designers

Platforms that offer designers an opportunity to sell online though a self managed platform. These platforms offer designers access to customers that might not have been otherwise available. The designers can manage the offering and the products independently.

A key challenge is to educate designers about managing such platforms, especially in a scenario where they are shipping to multiple international locations (hence different tax jurisdictions). Also, the value add that a retailer brings to the table in terms of the market information and market feedback on the product is a role that the designer themselves are going to have to fulfill.

4. Social Sourcing Models

To be covered in Part 2

5. Pre-ordering collections from the ramp

To be covered in Part 2


For traditional retailers, these are developments that are going to impact their business and shape customer mindset.

The best way forward? Keep offering a unique and value added offering to customers.

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