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06 th Apr 2012

Over 2011, a lot of emphasis was starting to be placed on Facebook Commerce (or F-commerce), the idea of selling through Facebook i.e. a fully integrated experience such that the user does not have to leave the Facebook page and completes a transaction from the brand's Facebook page.

There has been increasing research over this particular topic and the general consensus is that this is a model that is not really sustainable. Users are on Facebook to socialize and not necessarily to make purchases, sure there are going to be one-offs, but not enough users for brands to justify a consistent investment in enabling and managing a Facebook Commerce offering.

Increasingly, a lot of emphasis is being placed on Social Commerce, the phenomenon of crows sourcing and shopping with your friends. Some sites have started only on this basis, but there are others that have incorporated social shopping features on their sites. For example, seeing the products that their friends have liked and shopped for. This is a novel manner of tapping into the social shopping experience.

As a concept, we at Strand of Silk are also exploring and devising a strategy for offering this to our customers. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this, please let us know on our Facebook page!

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